How To Stay Hard After Ejaculation: How Does A Man Stay Hard After Ejaculation

How to stay hard after ejaculation? Some guys are lucky, especially young guys, and are able to maintain an erection after an ejaculation with no problem at all. The vast majority of guys, however, cannot do this. So if you have the problem of losing arousal after ejaculation then what can you do about it? In this article, I'll share with you three different ways to overcome this problem.

Solution 1 - Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

These drugs give you a great recovery time. There are actually many people who take these drugs recreationally i.e. they have no problems getting an initial erection in the first place.

Taking these drugs allows you to have an ejaculation and then to perform again very quickly.

Wait - The Real Problem

What is the real problem here anyway? The real problem is that after an ejaculation, you lose arousal. Your sex is interrupted. You are probably also ejaculating before you want to. So, is there a way of getting around this? Yes there is:

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Solution 2 - Kegels

Kegels are a method that involves training a special muscle that most guys don't even know that they have. This is the same muscle that is used to stop your urine in mid-flow.

By exercising this muscle daily then within a few weeks you can use the muscle to stop yourself ejaculating while you are having an orgasm. The result is an orgasm without ejaculation and you don't lose your arousal at all. You still enjoy a full orgasm but you can keep going again and again until you want to ejaculate.

Solution 3 - Natural Training

Natural training can be used to make yourself last much longer until you ejaculate. The truth is, a small minority of men are able to go for as long as they want to and then pretty much choose when they wish to ejaculate.

To do this, you have to have 100% confidence in your body while in the bedroom and also 0% anxiety about the sexual act. No hang-ups, no worries, no fear of expectations or anything like that.

That might seem a tall order to achieve but any guy can do it. Natural training lets you get a step closer on a week by week basis until finally, without any drugs or special aids, you can enjoy sex to the full and also ejaculate whenever you want to.

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What one must understand is that foreplay is very important to lovemaking if the man wants his girl to have the mind blowing orgasms he'd like her to have.

Also a man must know that foreplay is very essential to arousing and exciting a woman for the love making session he wants to have with her.

Besides, sex for a woman is in the mind first before the physical comes into play.

o The first of the foreplay tips is to kiss the girl passionately. The art of kissing should be learnt and perfected with time.

It is the tongue twisters to the deep throated kisses that really arouse one to amazing heights of excitement.

This foreplay should be used during the entire part of the love making.

o Another of the foreplay is the stroking of the body with fingers. First stroke the exposed parts of the body like the arms and the legs.

Gradually undress your girl now and stroke the bared breasts and thighs. Stroke the area around her breasts in a circular motion as you stroke the thighs.

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Intermittently also continue the passionate kisses.

o Next titillate the breasts with your fingers and tongue and also suck them. It is time now to stroke the vaginal lips and the clitoris.

The clitoris is a highly sensitive organ which easily arouses a girl into orgasms when stroked.

The finger that is used to stimulate the clitoris should gently be slipped into the vagina alternately while stroking and stimulating the clitoris.

o Lastly, it is the stimulation of the g spot which ends in the culmination that is anticipated. With practice you will know where exactly the g spot is located.

Since this is not a visible part of the body it is through other means like the excitement which will show on your girl's face, the screams she will let out, and the wriggling of her body and legs that will tell you that you have located the right spot.

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There are tons of sexual techniques we guys can use to SEXUALLY SATISFY our women. I mean, think about it -- we could read men's magazines and internet articles and find countless techniques every week.

With that said, many of the sex techniques are not very good and do not deliver the results we'd like.

Fortunately for you, I'm about to share a sex technique with you that is extremely effective. So if you want an easy-to-use technique that works every time... read on now and use this information the very next time you want to get your woman IN THE MOOD for red-hot sex.

The sex technique I'm going to share with you here should be used during FOREPLAY.

Here is how it's done...

As you are kissing your woman, gently push her up against a solid object (a wall is the best choice) and start to kiss her.

Be sure to kiss the areas of your woman's body that she responds best too. Some women like to have their ears kissed, nibbled and licked. Others like it when their men gently bite and kiss their necks.

As a man, your goal should be to figure out where and how your woman likes you to kiss her.

Are you with me so far?


Now let's progress a little further and talk about the sex technique you are going to use to get her totally hot, wet and HORNY...

Whilst kissing your woman, gently pull your shirt up so that there is now nothing covering your stomach. Then do the same thing with your woman's shirt and then press your stomach against hers.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Sounds ridiculously simple, right?

However, you'll notice that once your stomachs are touching, something pretty neat happens -- you will find that your woman will begin breathing more heavily and she will instantly begin kissing you more PASSIONATELY.

You'll have to agree that that is totally awesome because it will take you only a couple of seconds to do 'The T-Shirt Trick' and yet your woman will now be more sexually excited, hot, wet and horny than you normally make her in 20 minutes of foreplay!

I think it's fair to say that 'T-Shirt Trick' is like foreplay on STEROIDS.

And it works every time.

Now, before you rush off to try this out, there are some things to think about before you use 'The T-Shirt Trick'...

1. Your woman shouldn't know that you planned to use this technique. Instead, it should just seem natural.

In other words, don't draw any attention to what you are doing -- the first she should know about it is when your stomach touches hers.

2. The other thing to think about is that whilst this is a great sex technique to have in your 'bedroom toolbox' -- it is merely a foreplay technique.

Said another way, it's only a technique to get your woman IN THE MOOD and ready for the 'main course'. Sure, it'll get her hot, wet and horny and ready for you to make her come, but it won't make her come on its own... you must then use another sex technique to give your woman the ORGASMS she truly wants.

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Is it possible for women to climax during sex? Of course it is. Whenever a woman climaxes, she actually gives out clues that she is near her peak of pleasure by moaning wildly, getting madly incoherent and thrashing around.

Afterwards, she will then feel like she is in a deep and peaceful place and display a kittenish behavior as an aftermath of sexual satisfaction. If you have never witnessed a woman act this way during and after sex, this simply means that you never been able to make a woman experience a proper orgasm. Here are several tips that could help you out in that department.

Tip Number One: Simultaneous Orgasms. You need to be able to pinpoint the clues that show a woman is reaching climax, if you wish to reach your orgasm at the same time.

Nothing would be more endearing or romantic in the eyes of a woman compared to reaching the pinnacle of pleasure at the same time as you. Make sure you take note, though, that men have a single huge climax spurt, while women tend to have their orgasms in waves.

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In order to actually reach orgasm with a woman at the same time, you therefore need to time things so that when she is about to end her orgasm, you are just reaching yours. By doing this, you can even stop yourself from reaching orgasms prematurely. This is a killer trick - try it tonight!

Tip Number Two: Professional Foreplay. Keep your woman wet by teasing her sexually through foreplay to make her long to have sex with you even more.

The goal here would be to make her reach arousal at full force so she climaxes the minute you begin to penetrate her. Make sure that you have each of her senses reeling prior to giving her what she truly wants. Also, make proper use of your fingers and your tongue on her vagina in order to make her squirt during oral sex before even engaging in actual intercourse.

Tip Number Three: Awesome Anticipation. Women get an extra oomph whenever men take them rough and then slow.

The more a woman anticipates actual penetration, the more she will start imagining you dominating her erotically. Make her long for you to penetrate her until she actually literally begs you for sex.

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