Some people do yoga exercises or meditate, other go for new, stylish hairstyles in order to stay positive in spite everything around. However, the statistic is horrifying: almost 60 percent of population of the planet Earth suffer from depression and different unstable emotional states. It is impossible to deny the fact that it becomes more and more difficult to stay calm in our modern world. People are in a constant haste, chasing their dreams and desires. Unfortunately, we often forget about basic rules of communication, being rude and impatient. Doctors say that all our disease appear because people get rattled all the time, with and without any reason.
You can be surprised, but 65 % percent of all heart attacks are caused by sudden emotional stress. If you think that you are too young to suffer from such problems, we have some bad news for you: heart attacks become “younger” every single year. That is why it is extremely important to keep your emotions under and transform bed ones into good ones.
If autumn rainy weather and cold made you feel sad all the time, our blog is for you. Go on reading and you will find out how to stay in a good mood, no matter what.
# 1 Refresh your relationships
People got used to take their love for granted. Everyday routine can kill even the strongest relationships, so you have to keep it under control and work on yourself every single day. Add romance into your life. Making some small surprise for your second half is always a good idea. It can be anything from a warm cup of coffee in bed, or a real gift like jewelry.
If you are single, visit some interesting places, communicate with people there and who knows, maybe you will find there your love. It is time to act, enough waiting!
# 2 Find time for your passion
It is awesome if your work coincides with passion of all your life. Unfortunately, in modern life it often happens that we are forced to make money, instead of enjoying our work. That is why it is extremely important to find a free time for your hobbies. It can be anything: writing, dancing, singing, scrapbooking, travelling, sculpturing or horse riding! Just look deeper inside your soul and remember what was your cherished dream in a childhood.
# 3 Listen to a good music
Of course, tastes differ, but you have to add some positive music into your everyday playlist. If you are not listen to music, you should start doing it right now! Music is like a drug for our souls, so don’t forget to pamper yours. It was proved by scientist that listening to the music can not only improve a mood, but also influence internal organs functioning. You can easily normalize respiration, control blood pressure and concentrate attention, only with the help of music. Agree, it is much easier to stay happy when you are absolutely healthy.

Follow our tips and stay positive no matter what. And don’t let little things bother you.

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I`m going to write a book about my adventures in different countries.