Have you ever watched someone pull off some kind of incredible feat like juggling or balancing tall stacks of dishes on a stick? It’s incredible to see and mind-blowing to think about how they do it. What it comes down to, though, is something we practice in everyday life: Balance.

In the same way a circus or street performer has to learn how to balance a bunch of dinnerware, we need to learn how to balance the activities in our day-to-day lives. There’s this concept of primary foods, which are the things in our life that provide nourishment that is NOT related to food. These are things like your relationships, career, spirituality, health, social life, creativity, exercise, home cooking, health, finances, and education.

Do you notice that when you get stressed out or life seems to be overwhelming, that you usually end up with some kind of physical ache, ailment, or illness? This is not a coincidence! The physical issues crop up as a result of all the other areas of your life being out of balanced. Think back to high school or college, when we all spent late LATE nights studying for tests or finishing papers. We weren’t making sleep a priority, therefore putting health on the back burner, and I noticed that most people wound up with headaches, fatigue, or stomach cramps as a result of pushing themselves to the limits in ONE area, while totally neglecting the rest.

In my practice, I use what the Institute for Integrative Nutrition calls the “Circle of Life.” The circle contains all the primary foods in your life, with a line for each activity. It kind of resembles a bicycle wheel and each of the primary foods is a spoke holding the wheel up. What I have people do is rate their satisfaction with each area of their life on a scale of one to ten and draw a dot on the “spokes,” or lines, accordingly. At the end they connect the dots and see what generally ends up looking like an amoeba. Now picture riding your bicycle with tires that look like an amoeba, all misshapen and flat; how far would you get? My guess is “not very.”

Granted, it would be quite difficult to get each part of your life to a level 10 all at the same time. In fact, that’s not entirely a realistic goal. What IS attainable is noticing where you’re focusing more of your effort and shifting some of that attention to the place that ranked lower on the scale. If you spend lots of time at work but you don’t feel like the creativity in your life is up to par, scale back a bit on work (where and when you can) and start doing something fun, like scrapbooking, drawing, painting, or learning how to sculpt!

The best thing you can do for yourself is start to round out the way you focus your attention on things. When you notice that you’re not feeling fulfilled in some area of your life, take a moment to think of something that you could do to increase your satisfaction in that area. All it takes is one action step to get you moving in the right direction.

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