Staying present in life seems harder than it is. It is not about controlling yourself or always reminding yourself to stay present. In fact, it is the release of all of that that makes it possible. When we release ourselves, we can be present. When we let go of our ideas of control over ourselves, we enable ourselves to just be. And when we do this, there is nothing in the way of us just being us. It is the worry, the trying, the controlling, the constant anxiety attached to how we are that keeps us from being us. If we were not concerned about tomorrow, wouldn't today feel easier? If we were not thinking of what we did wrong or should have done differently, then we would be free to be in the moment. It is the release of all that is holding us down in so many ways that enables us to be present.

Being present is simply just being. We lose so much of our lives by not relaxing into life and just being. When we let go of the control of ourselves, let go of how we think we must be, what we should be doing, and how we are doing it, that is when we are able to interact with in a present state. Being present is also being present with your thoughts and emotions, your feelings and ideas. Often, we distract ourselves from what we are really feeling or thinking; we are not truly aware of ourselves. There is a tendency to let our mind wander and only partially pay attention to ourselves and the present. We tend to not pay attention to or acknowledge how we feel as well. Being present is not ignoring yourself, but tuning into oneself. It is in this process of acknowledgement that one becomes present.

When we distract ourselves and don't pay attention to what we are thinking or feeling, we become even more distant, not only from our life, but also from ourselves. We can listen to ourselves; we can be present with how we are, and in doing so, we can also release it and then just be. We can let it go, move on, and be present not only with ourselves, but with the moment. The biggest thing that keeps us from being present is our lack of awareness and acknowledgement of ourselves. Because we are often not present with our thoughts or emotions, we end up in an emotional and mental state that is not based in reality. When we ignore parts of ourselves, we are also unable to really be present in our own lives. Just by taking a moment to acknowledge what we are feeling and thinking, why our thoughts and feelings are there, we can let them go and feel present again.

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