If someone were to ask you, you would probably say that you were a pretty happy person. You try to keep a positive frame of mind and stay upbeat. It can be difficult, though, to maintain a positive mindset when you find yourself surrounded by negativity.

Here are a few ways you can help keep your positive attitude whenever you look around and find that everyone else is being negative.

It’s nothing personal.

People can often get into the bad habit of talking negatively. It can be aimed directly at you or simply be about a myriad of other things that are going on in that person’s life. It’s hard to face an onslaught of negativity, especially when you are the target of it. But remember, that this is their issue, not yours. If their criticism is unfounded, you can be sure that the complaints are probably just a way for the person to vent. Take a breath, put on a smile and tell yourself, “It’s not me, it’s them.”

Be the bigger person.

It’s not fun being around a negative person. But just imagine how miserable it must be to be the negative person. They are full of sour emotions and see themselves as the victim of life. They are probably scared and hurting in some way. Anger is one way that many people hide their troubles away from others. Try to be compassionate and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Bring them a little positivity.

What can you do to help turn their day around? It could be something small, like acknowledging a recent accomplishment. Bring them a snack from the vending machine. Even simply asking them how they are doing can help them to open up a little and get things off their chest. Do what you think would cheer you up on an off day. If you are met with an even bigger wave of negativity, just walk away. You know that you tried, and you can’t win them all!

Remember: you get to choose the people in your life!

We are not physically attached to every person we deal with day in and day out. It is okay to cut out anyone who brings absolutely no positive value to your life. Friends, family, coworkers, spouses- if they just don’t want to be a part of your positive lifestyle, then it’s okay to limit contact with them or do away with the relationship altogether. There is a whole world of people out there who can make you smile, so don’t waste your happiness on those who don’t want to share it.

What do you do to stay positive every day? Have you had to make some tough decisions about who stays and who goes? Let us know!

Author's Bio: 

Deb Lamb is a Ghostwriter and Copywriter who lives an amazing life in Granbury, Texas with her husband, two dogs and cat. She has a passion and desire to ignite and encourage others to successfully survive the hard times like divorce, abuse, single-parenting, homelessness and job loss. Deb has personally experienced these life-altering situations making her an authority and expert to motivate and inspire others. She has authored hundreds of articles on these topics and writes motivating and inspirational advice and strategies on how to overcome and enjoy a stunning life. Visit her blog for encouragement, direction and advice.