How are you doing on all those wonderful, fantastic New Year's resolutions of yours? Are you still sticking with it? Or have you fallen back into the same old routine, the same old rut, the same old habits that caused you problems last year? Read on and learn how you can stick to your resolutions this year and not feel like you are giving up on those big changes you want to make in your life.

Yes, people have already given up on many of the biggest dreams that they had for this year. That is because it is pretty easy to let your dreams slide away as the excitement and optimism of a new year yield to the reality of your current situation.

Your 'new year' turns out to be not that much different than your old one. You might have a brand new calendar on the wall, but everything else stays the same. You get up each day and you experience many of the same issues as last year. You still face the same fears and have the same challenges that you had last year.

It doesn't have to be that way at all. Here is a success strategy that I use in several of my workshops and seminars. It will help you stick to your resolutions and allow you to reach all of your goals easier and faster.

The biggest reason your excitement about your resolutions fades so quickly each year is your focus. As you thought about what you wanted to achieve or change this year, you were thinking about your dreams and goals. You were imagining how different this year would look. You were focused intently on your goals and dreams. Instead of focusing on your problems, you were focusing on ways to fix your problems.

Rather than thinking about your terrible job, or about your troubled relationships, or your dilapidated car, or anything else that stresses you out, you were thinking about better jobs, better relationships, and a better car. You were thinking about a better life.

So what happened? Life happened. As the days go by, you let your focus switch from dreaming about changing your life, back to the very problems that you want to escape.

So lets change your focus back! The only way that you will be able to turn your dreams into reality is to stay focused on them.

Write your three top goals that you want to achieve this year on a piece of paper and put that paper on your nightstand by your bed. Each night before you go to sleep you should read this list of goals to yourself three times. Then read it three times in the morning when you wake up. Do this every day for three weeks.

You will be amazed at how this simple technique will make a huge difference in your mindset. Not only will you be able to stick to your New Years resolutions, you will begin seeing solutions rather than finding more problems.

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