How to stop a dog's hair loss?

Fur dogs are very loving and are most loved by children and women. The fur of these dogs seems very good to see, but the problem is only that, their hair i.e. the fur falls very much. There are not only fur dogs but many dogs whose hair also falls.

If you have a dog here too, then you must have seen her fluffy hair on your couch and bed. Even if you are allergic to dog hair, it is a big problem for you. Therefore, the hair of the dog is less hairy, for this it is presented some measures The five simple tips are - 

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1. Comb regularly -

Comb the coat every day to prevent hair loss. Keep in mind that their matted hair should be combed. Take the comb that suits your dog's hair. Regular brushing of hair causes them to become strong.

2. Anti-static spray -

The comb does not work properly on hair in dry weather. Therefore spray the static on the comb so that it slips easily on the hair, this will not increase the hair loss in the dog. This will prevent hair from scratching and it will remain.

3. Take out the hair-

While brushing the hair coat, remove the broken hair with the help of your fingers. This stops hair loss and thus does not spread dirt throughout the house.

4. Use of Rubber Grooming Mitt-

You can remove the broken hair from the coat of pet dog with the help of rubber grooming mitt. After combing, remove the broken hair from the dog's body. Your dog will also like that his body is being massaged with rubber grooming soil, this will relax him.

5. Use Non-Drawing Canine Shampoo -

This type of shampoo provides moisture to the skin and hair. This automatically reduces hair fall. Hair loss is most common in weak and dry hair. So wash your dog's hair with non-drawing or moisturizing shampoo.

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