There have been numerous books written on Tobacco and Smoking that has the sole purpose of making the society aware of the Health hazards of tobacco. Below mentioned list of five books will help you know the effects of active and passive smoking and why we need to come together and say no to tobacco.

1. ABC of Smoking Cessation : this book will explain the practical problem of smoking and its contribution to health and what can and should be done about it. It explains how much smoking damages health at individual and public level, the central role of nicotine addiction in smoking , how to set up smoking cessation services, the economic impact of smoking and the public health and policy initiatives that can be used to reduce smoking.

2. Easy ways to Quit Smoking : In this book the author proposes to the readers tried and tested ways and means to overcome all tobacco related activities and habits.

3. Burning Ambition: The Inspiring Story of One Man’s Quest to Cure the World of Smoking : This book will show Allen Carr’s addiction to smoking for over 30 years. His first cigarette led to a 100-a day habit that he could not break. He tried every method of quitting and they all failed, until he discovered the Easy Way. From then onwards he knew that his approach would work for others as well who wanted to escape the nicotine trap.

4. Smoking Bans : The book deals with the issues of smoking that despite its well-known dangers remains a legal activity for adults. The book’s debates over smoking involves not only questions of medical and scientific theory but tissues of individual choice, social responsibility and the proper use of the government’s power to protect public health.

5. Tobacco and Smoking : This book has been written to make the society aware of the consequences of smoking. It emphasizes on how different constituents of smoke affects human health working as a slow poison. In this respect stress have been given on Nicotine’s harmful compound in tobacco leaves.

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