Complete Acceptance - For people that are struggling with GAD, learning to have complete acceptance of the fact that you have an anxiety disorder (and nothing more) as well as accepting the temporary discomforts that come with anxiety provoking experiences, can become highly therapeutic on its own. Having complete acceptance that you have an anxiety disorder and nothing more keeps a person in the present moment which is hugely important, rather then looking too far ahead and for example thinking about the potential disease they could have, heart attack that is coming, or any other health or situation concern a person might have about the near future. A voice in the back of my head kept telling me that I was doomed, but in time I accepted that what i had was merely a reaction that was being fed by more fear.

Learning To Accept GAD

Listen I get it, scary symptoms of anxiety are a scary thing and you may be asking yourself OK I know I need to accept that this is related to anxiety and my sensitized nerves but easier said then done. By not accepting let me remind you what you are giving up:

Time - During my 6 year struggle with gad symptoms and anxiety I was a regular in the emergency room, and had many doctors who were fed up with me. Time is all we have, dwelling over the 'what ifs' is costing you time that could be spent dwelling on the things you HAVE in your life.

Freedom - The cost of not accepting your symptoms of anxiety being related to GAD and panic disorder is costing you your freedom. Fear plugs into other parts of your life, a new client turns into a trigger for panic, a walk to the mall turns into climbing mount everest and so on. Complete acceptance = freedom.

Relationships - Unfortunately, we live in a world surrounded by distraction. Everyone's got add, and the last thing someone wants to do is 'hang out' with a constant worrier. People understand that their time is also precious, and finding the proper support group who is willing to do their research, and share QUALITY feedback for you is tough. Ask yourself, is not accepting my GAD as what it truly is costing me more quality friends, intimate relationships and even affecting my family members?

These are just a few eye openers i'm sharing with you when it comes to dealing with anxiety, but there's much more. A second opinion is important when it comes to checking out what these symptoms and sensations you're experiencing are, but anything more then a second opinion could be hurting you more than helping you.

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