Becoming Knowledgeable - It's vitally important that once you have accepted that what you have is related to panic and anxiety disorder, you start educating yourself on how panic attacks happen and what generalized anxiety disorder is. Knowledge is a powerful tool that will give you a deeper understanding, and also provide you with many answers that will build your confidence about your condition. Since fear is a main culprit for so many people with anxiety disorders, so much of the fear that we hold on to disappears as more knowledge is gained, and then applied. Let's look at an example in your own life here: Think about a time you tried to get something done or take part in something new, for example a new job or career, a new fitness routine, or even a new diet. You started this new journey into an unknown world with excitement knowing that this change will affect your life in a great way towards your future, the first day goes smoothly because the sheer positive emotion you have built up behind the excitement of taking part in something new carries you through the day. But in a few days or weeks you realize that you need more tools, new tools in the form of more knowledge because new scenarios keep popping up and you realize that you just can't handle these new obstacles with a tool box with old tools in it. This is where becoming knowledgeable comes into play, many people who try and overcome their generalized anxiety disorder that lead to panic attacks for example have maybe one or two tools and techniques to deal with their problem. This can be problematic and if these approaches don't work then there needs to be a plan B or even C to turn to, the end the anxiety program for example teaches this exactly and arms you with the tools you need to desensitize those sensitized nerves.

Be The Why Guy... Or Girl

I'm just going to come out and say it, stop playing the victim all together. Becoming knowledgeable and learning from the inspirational success stories of what others have done to treat their anxiety naturally, helped me greatly to overcome my own generalized anxiety disorder. Be the why guy/girl, find out what triggers your panic attacks, find out how generalized anxiety disorder manifests, stop looking for more breathing techniques during a panic attack and start working on a new approach with your thoughts and actual actions you take physically, so you can END the cycle of fear that leads to panic attacks.

Plain and simply become an expert about your anxious condition without letting people tell you what's wrong and what direction you must take. Building knowledge builds back your long lost character, your confidence, and your memory. This will get you out of just reacting to your physical world and into the creation process which will lead to taking your life back!

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Become inspired by the success story that the anxious athlete has to offer. A professional tennis player overcomes 6 years of debilitating anxiety disorder naturally, and reaches his dream on and off the court. Visit to find out how you can do the same.