How To Stop Arguing With Your Spouse: How To Handle Arguments In A Marriage

Want to stop arguing with your spouse? If you and your spouse are always fighting, you'll want to read this article. It matters little what you fight about -- money, kids, household chores -- what matters most is the fact that you cannot seem to get along.

Chronic arguing with spouse alienates you and your wife or husband and destroys the joy in your relationship. Conflicts that never really get resolved lead to constant tension and unspoken hurts and resentments which create an undercurrent of unhappiness in your home. The issue here is that most couples don't know how to touch each other's hearts with their words and they don't know how to fight (yes, fighting is okay if you know how) in a way that will put an end to recurring disagreements.

Stop Arguing - Why Conflict is Self-Perpetuating

It matters less what you fight about than how you fight. Usually, couples fight because their values conflict or because they're so disconnected, they no longer agree about anything. When this happens, most married couples feel that they've lost the love in their relationship. This is when spouses stray and couples start talking about separation or divorce.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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If you and your spouse have children, you may also find that they have become the focus of your arguments. When you and your spouse are divided, your children can easily come between you. As your kids learn to push your buttons, your fights will be centered primarily on the kids, but this is just a cover because the real problem is not with your kids, it's with your lack of connection as a couple.

Stop Arguing - Getting Past Disagreements

If I asked you to close your eyes and think about what it was like when you first got together with your partner, can you conjure up an image that makes you smile? Of course, you can. Do you recall how it felt to be happy and fulfilled, simply because you were in the presence of your loved one? Do you ever wonder what happened to those feelings?

What happened is that life and the pressures of living and working together, running a home and raising a family have gotten in the way. When life presents you with challenges that create small ruptures in your relationship, you need to know how to reconnect and get back on the same page. When you aren't feeling your connection, hurt and resentment build and lead to more arguing with spouse.

Of course this isn't your fault because no one has ever taught you and your spouse the skills to reconnect and stay strong no matter what happens inside or outside your marriage. But don't fret, now that you know it's not your fault (and not your your spouse's fault either), you have the opportunity to learn these important skills.

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Marriage is a pain in the neck and can be draining at times if you don't keep your marriage strong. It's just like any other aspect of life in that if you want good results you need to work smart and hard at it.

Why is it that so much effort is put into work, planning vacations, home improvement projects or even hobbies but so little time is dedicated to keep your marriage strong? Is it that marriage is taken for granted or after a few years no longer becomes our top priority?

Well, if your marriage is suffering and life isn't good at home, you are not living life to the fullest. Sure you can find temporary peace at work or perhaps in leisure activities, but you still need to face the music when you get home. Why not find ways to keep your marriage strong so you can have the best of both worlds (peace and happiness in all aspects of your life)?

OK, here are 2 ways to keep your marriage strong;

Pay Attention To Your Spouse

It's very easy to lose focus and touch when it comes to your spouse. In a lot of marriages there is so much stuff going on that little time is dedicated in taking care of each other. Rough days at work go unnoticed as does new outfits or haircuts or body fragrances or work schedules and the list goes on. Although your spouse may not complain, it hurts when change goes unnoticed.

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If you take just a little time to grab your spouse by the hand each day and focus you will Know if a gentle encouraging word is needed or a loving hug. Ask the right questions and give your spouse the attention he or she deserves. If you do, there won't be a need for someone else to meet your spouse's needs and you will keep your marriage strong.

Forgive and Be Forgiven

Marriage is a growth and learning process and mistakes can and will be made. If you want to keep your marriage strong then you must learn how to forgive. There will be occasions when your spouse just blows it and you could hold it over his or her head for days, weeks or months. However, there is no benefit in making your spouse feel miserable over a mistake, and if you do it will weaken your relationship.

You also need to be able to be forgiven when you screw up. You can't let your mistakes place a wedge between you and your spouse. Mistakes should bring you closer together if dealt with openly and honestly.

The key in both instances is that in order to keep your marriage strong you need to deal with the issue and then bury it. Once forgiven, there should be no need to be forgiven again, unless you screwed up again.

I know you want to keep your marriage strong and with a little focus and commitment I know you can do it. Marriage can and should be wonderful and not the hardest job you ever had.

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Sometimes divorce is not the answer. It's interesting how in recent years, divorce rates have steadily climbed. We've all heard stories of couples who were married just a few short months before they decided to throw in the towel and call it quits. It's heartbreaking when you see that. You immediately assume that they just couldn't work things about. However, in at least some of those cases, the problems just felt insurmountable at the time so they took the easy way out. They decided to divorce. If you and your spouse are facing your own struggles now, but you don't want to even consider the idea of divorce, don't. You can save your marriage by working together to rebuild and reenergize it.

You'll know if divorce is not the answer by your initial reaction to the idea. If you feel a sense of relief wash over you at the prospect of leaving your spouse, saving your marriage may not be the best choice for you. However, if you instead feel dread or panic when you even consider the idea of divorce, you need to address the problems you two are facing and start on the road to recovering the relationship.

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Begin by looking at the foundation of your marriage and its current condition. Respect is at the cornerstone of every successful relationship. Many couples begin to lose respect for one another over time. They take each other for granted and that undermines the strength of the relationship. You can begin changing that yourself today by setting an example for you and your spouse to follow. Start by showing your partner the respect they deserve. Appreciate and value them more. You also need to be courteous and polite when speaking to them. That sends them a strong message and will encourage them to start treating you the same way.

This next piece of advice may sound foreign given the fact that you and your spouse have been married for some time. It's definitely worthwhile for you to spend some time getting to know your partner again. Chances are good that you two have drifted apart since the wedding. Life's small trials and tribulations have a way of doing that to a couple. Reconnect again by making time each day to talk about one another's lives. It may feel awkward at first, but in time you'll come to cherish those moments when you two are communicating openly and honestly again.

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It's not right that you're sitting there thinking 'I think my husband hates me'. Is it a thought that seems to be permeating your every thought?

It must be tough for you. In fact I know it is.

You see, I was in your exact position for...well...too long. Years too long! And the fact is that my wife was actually in that same position herself, thinking "I think my husband hates me". It still breaks my heart to think of her ever having those thoughts to be honest.

The Truth About What's Going on in Your Husbands Mind

I can tell you as a husband, that it's probably not true. It may certainly seem true. There may be looks of anger, feelings of resentment, and even an overall feeling of disgust coming your way.

These were the things going back and forth in my marriage. And looking back on it, I was probably giving those exact vibes, but deep down I knew that I was actually still very much in love with my wife.

I actually was receiving those same exact feelings of resentment and hate coming toward me. Actually maybe a little stronger and convincingly... LOL.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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I had to actually get past these feelings myself. The funny thing is that what I did, what I feel is the secret solution to this, may seem quite backwards.

What I Did to Turn My Marriage Around

What I actually did was stop caring if those feeling were coming at me, and started on a trek to improve myself. I was on a trek of relentless improvement.

Here's why. I knew that I had to like myself, and at that time I didn't like myself too much. I decided that I would become a person that I actually liked.

The funny benefit was that I started to become the person that a lot of other people began to like more as well. Even my wife!

Now whether or not this was the time that she began to stop thinking "I think my husband hates me" or not I'm not sure, but it was definitely very helpful and part of the beginning of a new life for the two of us.

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