How To Stop Being Jealous In Marriage: How To Deal With Jealousy In Your Marriage

Do you feel like your partner is not in love with you the way he was before? Are your constant jealous feelings really affecting your relationship? Countless couples have broken up their relationships due to the fact that they are no longer in love with each other. But this really stems from one party being so jealous that the insecurities and fears come out. The other partner senses this and thus loses attraction.

Being insecure and anxious are feelings that can make a person unattractive for anybody. If you are in a relationship with someone who is always mad at you for going out or always accusing you of cheating, what do you think of that person? He or she becomes unattractive, right? No matter how beautiful or handsome a person is, if the person has so many insecurities, it is unattractive.

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Now, if you want to know how to stop being jealous, you have to start with yourself. Look at all of your insecurities and fears. Really take a good look at them. You will see that they are really not that scary and you must put into your mind that you can beat them. You are not the only one with these anxieties, a lot of people deal with them also. But they are not letting it affect their lives and relationships.

What you need to have is confidence, a lot of it. I do not mean arrogance or cockiness. I am talking about confidence that you know you are someone special. You know that you are the right person for your partner and nobody else is good enough and can take your place. When you have confidence, this will be evident with the way you interact, the way you move, and the way you speak. It conveys that you are proud of who and what you are.

Your partner will definitely take notice of this. He will feel it, and he will be attracted no matter what. Confidence breeds attraction. By always being jealous, you are showing that you are afraid to be left alone and desperate to be loved. This is not attractive at all and will have the opposite effect. But if you show that you know you are good enough and you do not need to beg for affection, this will attract your partner and will result in a relationship that is balanced and full of romance.

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You have recently noticed that your spouse seems to be a little distant with you and it has suddenly hit you that things are not as good in your marriage as they were in previous years. This sometimes happens in marriages, but the great thing is that if you do something about it as soon as possible, then there is a good chance to save your marriage.

Unless there is a major problem between you and your spouse, it might be just simple things that have caused you to drift apart over the years, and these can definitely be fixed. For instance, you and your spouse might have been doing as much as possible to further your careers, and were spending too much time at work.

To get around this problem, it is just a matter of sharing your time equally between your jobs and yourselves. The time that you do spend together should be real quality time, so that you can enjoy each other's company again. If you and your spouse make the effort to reconnect, then there is a very good chance that you can save your marriage.

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Another possible problem could be that you are spending too much time with friends, without each other. This will cause friction between you and your spouse, and should be resolved as soon as possible. Tell your friends that you will not be spending as much time with them or, that you and your spouse will be joining them in future.

Because you have not been spending as much time with each other as before, there is also a good chance that you might feel that the love you had for each other has faded over the years. If you DO still love each other as much as you did when you firsts got married, then it is time that you started demonstrating this again. Knowing that you DO still love each other is very important, if you want to save your marriage.

Save your marriage - be there for each other, tell each other daily that you still love each other, and above all, spend more quality time with each other. These are all things that you did naturally in your first years of marriage - just do them again, and reconnect with your spouse.

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Are you facing a dreaded situation in your marriage, one that you always had feared? Your spouse is not attracted to you anymore and you feel like you two are on the verge of separation. You have to make a stand, either you want to go for the love of your spouse, or you have your mind made up to move on. If you still want your marriage back, you need to have a winning plan. Always remember that if you put your heart in the marriage, and your partner wants the same thing, then you can get past anything, and you can solve any problem. You just have to take one step at a time.

Any marriage can fall apart due to various reasons. The responsibility of performing everyday chores like raising kids and paying the bills leaves you with little time to look after yourself, and gradually your attention towards your spouse fades away. If you are facing heat on some issues with your spouse, these can affect your day to day small talks.This tension can be so aggressive that even you will find it difficult to talk calmly with your spouse. If you get to this point in the relationship and you want to still make the marriage work, then you need to have a plan on how you will get back your spouse. Saving your marriage only needs you to follow your heart and going back to doing small things like texting your partner during the day or having a night out together.

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Another often neglected root cause to the breakup of the marriage is the fact that partners just stop talking to each other. You will need to start communicating with your partner. Tell them how you feel. If your behaviour shows disgrace towards your spouse, he might shift his feelings from you to other things. So you will need to start getting his or her attention and the best thing you can do is going back being the person you were before the marriage. Saving your marriage means you have to do a flashback on what made your relationship work before the marriage came. You could start complimenting him on small things. Say thanks when he holds the door open for you or when he gives you extra attention in front of family members and friends'. Like I said before, it is only the small things that can go a long way in saving your marriage..

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Trust is a difficult thing to attain and once it's been broken is even more difficult to regain. However, if you really want to fix your marriage and save it from divorce, then you can work slowly towards creating a happy marriage once again.

The first thing to consider is what caused you to lose your trust in the first place. There has to be an understanding between both partners as to what led up to the problem. By talking about it and discussing the where's and why's you can work out how to try and rebuild the trust between you again.

There is no quick fix answer to lack of trust. Once you feel uncertain about your partner there is a constant feeling of doubt which is difficult to eliminate. It therefore has to be a joint effort and continuous openness in order to regain the feeling of security you once had.

Below are four ways of facing the problem and trying to overcome it:

1. You have to be prepared to forgive and to move on. If you are constantly feeling bitterness towards your spouse you will not be able to work together to rebuild the trust.

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2. Talk, talk, talk. So often couples drift apart because they don't talk to one another any more. By discussing your feelings and problems you can help each other to build a closeness and trust and feel secure in the knowledge that you're helping each other to overcome any problems together.

3. Curb your suspicions and jealousy. Don't watch and accuse every time your spouse is home late or spending time talking to someone else. Over possessiveness can lead to a feeling of claustrophobia and the instinct then is to run. You have to let go, and learn to trust again.

4. Try to keep the interest alive in the marriage by doing things together. Even making time to sit and dine together by candlelight one evening a week can help to reignite the romance you feel you may have lost.

Apart from your partner's indiscretions which originally caused the problem, be it financial, another partner, or whatever other reason, you should also look to yourself. Could it be that you have in some way contributed to the situation.

Trust is a difficult thing to define, but to a certain extent we all want to feel we can rely on someone completely before we commit to them. The fact that this doesn't always work out does not mean it can't be rectified, and if there was once a deep love then it's definitely worth trying to overcome the problems together for the sake of your family.

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