November started yesterday. Happy November!
Yet, for many people November, and the holidays, in general, are not happy times.
People scramble to make Thanksgiving plans knowing their friends are with family. Yet people without family have nowhere to go. Feeling like no one wants to look you in the face on Thanksgiving can be devastating. To make matters worse, there are two holidays afterward: Christmas and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. People may feel a "triple threat" with no holiday plans to call their own while watching others make holiday plans. With all the holiday songs and decorations lonely people hear and see, forgetting about the holidays is impossible. For these reasons, the holidays are indeed a time of depression.
Here is what you can do if you feel like you don't matter to anyone at all at the holidays.
1. Remember that you do matter. The world would be different if you weren't here. We are all unique and leave our mark on this earth in our own unique ways. We all matter.
2. Listen to inspirational quotes. There are plenty of good vibes quotes to cheer you up.
3. Listen to songs that give you pleasure. Do NOT listen to holiday songs. Get your mind off the situation by listening to your favorite music.
4. Listen to inspirational podcasts. There are many podcasts that can cheer you up on Spotify and other apps that offer free podcasts.
5. Host a holiday lunch for friends. They may be busy for dinner but surely free for lunch. You can also host a holiday lunch the day after Thanksgiving. You can spend Thanksgiving Eve listening to your favorite music and preparing.
6. Go to social media groups that offer support. Huddol is a social media site with groups for loneliness and depression. Facebook also has emotionally uplifting groups. In fact, I interviewed people about how they boost people's spirits at depressing times like during the Coronavirus. You will find the results of my being happy status interview here.
7. Talk to your church or synagogue. They may be hosting get-togethers for people without plans or know of other congregants that would love to get together.
In closing, the holidays can be a depressing time any year. During the year of the pandemic and the divisiveness of the U.S. Presidential Election, the holidays can be especially depressing. If you are feeling unimportant, these tips should help.

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