Does any of this sound familar to you?

I never really seem to lose the desire for ice cream;
I still cannot resist chocolate;
I love eating treats and goodies.

Do you find yourself tapping on these things, but still want to (and often do) eat them anyway? Should you initially at least, force yourself not to eat those lovely treats and goodies?

In my experience, I would say never force yourself.

Try tapping on all the points, in preparation for the next module, one sentence a point, no numbers (SUDS), no Setup or Reminder:
At some point in my life, a probably well-intentioned adult gave me ice-cream and other stuff,
They believed the ice cream and other stuff were goodies.
So I believed they were goodies.
Maybe I was rewarded with these things that they believed were goodies,
So it reinforced my belief they were goodies.
Maybe I was promised these things they believed were goodies when I ate all the food on my plate,
Or when I was good,
Which made me believe even further that they were goodies.
I am willing to forgive these people in my life [mother, carer, teacher, etc]
For giving me these beliefs
Heart attacks and strikes and diabetes are baddies
And stuff that pretends to be food, just to make the manufacturer rich, is a baddy
It makes people sick and fat
I forgive myself for thinking that baddies are goodies
I give myself time to learn how and why they are baddies
I give myself time to remove the emotional attachments
The baddies remind me of being rewarded
They remind me of being comforted
They are my friends when everyone else is not there for me
I am willing to carry on in this journey
I am willing to have patience
With deprogramming from a life-time of brain-washing
I am only human
There is only so much I can do.
Maybe I can give myself one day a week when I treat myself to a no-ice-cream day
Maybe it can be on a Wednesday
And maybe that can be a start
Or maybe I can eat as much ice-cream as I want
And one day, I will notice that I have not wanted it for a few days
Whatever happens, I choose to be patient
With the changes that take time
And maybe just for today
I can congratulate myself for coming this far.

Tap with that ice-cream, chocolate, fizzy drink, or anything else perceived as a "treat" or Goody" in front of you, then if you want to, eat it or drink it. Repeat the next day. Then if you want to, eat it or drink it, then the next day. And the next and the next. You may eventually find yourself looking at it and wondering why you wanted it in the first place.

Be persistent. Or work with an experienced practitioner. Either way, you can succeed.

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Zacharia wants to live in a world where everyone taps, EFT is the norm, and tapping is taught in every school. A sought-after EFT Master Practitioner, Trainer, and author, she’s been spotlighted on The EFT Hub, The Tapping Insiders Club, and In and Around Covent Garden. When she’s not happily tapping up a storm, you can find her gymming (and tapping), running (and tapping), and enjoying good old-fashioned family time. After sitting on the board of the Reiki Regulatory Working Group setting up the standards now accepted by United Kingdom government for Reiki, Suzanne now helps run a charity rehabilitating abused women with EFT.

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