How To Stop Name Calling In Marriage: Husband Calling Wife Names

It is your life/marriage and if you want to work to save your relationship, you are going to have to start by working on yourself. Weather you believe it right now; it does take two people to have problems in the marriage even if it only starts from one of you. Consider this: Every action is followed by a reaction. If your spouse is the one causing much of the conflict, that is their action.

However, the way you react to it can further damage your marriage. See, your reaction to things is equally important to the event that caused the conflict in the first place. Therefore, I submit to you today, that the first thing you can work on to save your marriage is you, your attitude and your perspective.

Your attitude is always under your control. Nobody chooses it for you in life/marriage. Hence, even if everything else in your marriage is seemingly out of control, you can keep a handle on this. For example, you cannot control the way your spouse talks to you, the things they say, or the mood they are in. Nevertheless, you can choose the way you will respond to what they do.

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Too many times, we let others change and affect our outlook and the way we react to things. We must stop allowing this to happen. It is time each partner in the marriage took responsibility for themselves and made a change. If you are searching for help for your marriage, start by working on you.

Here are four great areas to focus in on right now:

This is not forgetting, but rather letting go so you do not have to carry the hurt around. Choose to let the little things go; the things that hurt our feelings or irritate us. Gain a larger overall perspective of your relationship and the little issues will remain little.

Deciding to accept your spouse for who they are, quirks, faults and attitudes.

If you want your spouse to show you respect, shouldn't you do the same? It's part of the golden rule. In marriage, this can be hard because we see each other in all our faults, and we lose respect for the other person. However, by working on yourself, and your attitude, you can choose to respect them at all times instead.

Be nice. Be Kind. Show them love and compassion. Sometimes we are the meanest to those we love the most. It's time to break that cycle and choose to be courteous towards your spouse no matter what.

Transform your marriage by transforming YOU. Take the first step, and see what happens. You might just be surprised. You will not know unless you try though.

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Marriage needs your all out effort to keep it vibrant and alive for many years. Couples offering themselves in marriage believe that it is a life-long allegiance. The awakening of new love brings out all the best in us as we take this journey of marriage with our spouse. Sometimes, along the way, your flaws and peculiarities and those of your spouse surface and become hard to ignore. Eventually, you find yourself in marital trouble. It's time for you and your spouse to seek help to save your marriage you vowed to keep as long as you live.

If you and your husband are willing to find ways to save your marriage, you need to work on the two big C's - Commitment and Communication. These two important elements should always be present in your marital relationship. Commit to your marriage no matter what happens and communicate with your spouse often.

Couples must know that relationships don't often run smoothly and seek evidence of progress and development in their marriage in order to feel fulfilled and valued. In mature marriage, the flaws you see in your relationship don't mean you simply desert your family. If you have a strong commitment to find help to save your marriage you will stay and stick it out.

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Like any relationship, marriage needs work and the lack of commitment or indifference to the needs of your spouse can result to marital woes. If your work hard on your commitment to each other, you will be able to save your marriage. The pressures of children, work and family commitments calls for our much-needed attention that we tend to neglect our marriage.

The next C that is needed in marriage is communication. Communication plays a vital role in marriage. One of the major reasons that a marriage starts to breakdown is because there is lack or no communication between the couple. Most of the time, a spouse will find it hard to express their needs to their partner. By shutting your spouse out of your life by refusing to talk or to listen, you will find your marriage on its way to destruction.

With communication, you are able to share your thoughts and feelings with each other and as you listen to each other you, you are able to spend time thinking about what has been expressed in order to find a solution to your marital problems. Keeping your emotions to yourself usually leads to resentment and misunderstanding.

Putting more commitment to your marriage and changing the way you communicate will help to save your marriage that is precious to you and your spouse. Considering these two C's seriously will lead you to a happier married life.

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Yes, you can stop your divorce in its tracks. It doesn't have to end because you're out of ideas for saving it. You can get help with marriage problems that can steer you in the right direction for salvaging and saving your marriage. But you have to be open-minded and willing.

The hardest cases of failed marriages are from people with closed minds and uncompromising beliefs, and unforgiving hearts. These barriers have to be broken down in order for a marriage to be a success.

Pride has to be left at the doorstep as well, there's just no room for it between two people who have to reach the level of intimacy of a couple in a successful marriage relationship.

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If you're willing to get help with marriage problems, then you can stop your divorce in its infancy, before it becomes chiseled in stone, or signed onto paper. By caring enough for your partner to listen to some good advice, you can come away a winner.

Many times the problem blind-sides them, and they aren't equipped to deal with it when it comes. First of all, realize that you're not the only one, and just because you never thought you and your spouse would have those problems, be sure that no-one is immune.

So stop your divorce in its tracks. Get help with marriage problems. Be a success story and not a failure. Take pride in your ability to cope with problems, and to love your mate. Be forgiving and understanding and the quality of your marriage will rise. You have everything to gain by learning how to fix your marriage without having to go through more arguments, slamming doors and days of tense atmosphere.

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They say that marriages are made in heaven but there are also couples who take their marriage in their own hands and decide their own partners. The idea of love marriage as opposed to arranged marriages is a hotly debated topic especially in the Indian culture where most of the couples prefer arranged marriages.

However there are certain advantages and disadvantages of love marriages and any marriage by and large depends on the partner's commitment to each other. Since a love marriage is a marriage of choice it can last far longer as long as there is the bond of love between the couple. However there have been numerous examples of failed love marriages and also those which have lasted long.

Advantages of Love Marriages

For those who prefer love marriages there are many advantages, one of them being the freedom of choice in choosing one's partner. The individual is also responsible for the consequences good or bad that a love marriage can have.

In love marriages the partners know each better and accept each other irrespective their shortcomings or bad habits. And when one knows one's partner better one can deal better with any future conflict. In love marriages there is no compulsion in love; couples do not love each for the sake of loving it comes from their true feelings for each other. There is perfect bonding of the souls in a love marriage and hence the secret of their stability.

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When the partners are in perfect harmony the daily chores seem like nothing and one can easily overcome marital difficulties with each other's help. However if a love marriage is superficial and depends only on physical attractiveness, the chances of it lasting are very poor. Love marriages also help in bridging the gaps of caste, creed and religion and this is especially important in India.

The Disadvantages of Love Marriages

Those who oppose love marriages cite different reasons and think that marriages of these types do not last long. For some couples there is no family support and even their relatives do not approve of their marriage. The biggest disadvantage of love marriage is that the chances of break up are far greater due to the freedom which each partner enjoys.

In the Indian context a love marriage is almost like a disgrace to the family and the boy or the girl live like outcastes. However modern Indian families do approve of their children's love marriage as times have changed. Finally what matters is the personal bonding between the partners and this helps in making the relationships last longer.

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