How to stop obsessive thinking? If you are like me and go through seasons where your brain gets stuck in obsessive thought patterns, you know the deep frustration.

You may also be aware of the anxiety this obsessive thinking causes and even the link with depression. We need to be able to break the cycle and stop feeling like we have no control over our brains!

There is help to get rid of obsessive thought patterns, but it takes work to kick the uncontrolled ruminating to the curb.
Take Every Thought Captive
If you are a Bible believer, you know that the Bible supports and commands us to be in charge of our thoughts. Yet, when plagued with obsessive thinking it seems impossible to accomplish.

To break the cycle or pattern of redundant thinking takes both work and prayer. Barring a miracle from God, it won’t happen overnight. But! With consistency in applying techniques, you will find freedom and be able to take every thought captive.

How to Know if You are Dealing with Obsessive Thoughts?
Bottom line? If your thoughts are bothering you, if you are sick and tired of thinking about ‘it,” if you feel you can’t stop the thoughts (but you want to).

Also, if your thoughts have bitterness, even a tinge, you may be into obsessive thinking.

Take, for instance, someone betraying you; you no longer trust them. That’s just common sense. But as long as there is some bitterness in your heart and mind towards your betrayer, you have some work on your thoughts to do.

“In order to rid yourself of them, you must make the choice to leave them behind and stop trying to lead them to a conclusion.”

Love Wide Open, Circular Thinking, and Obsessive Thoughts

Freedom from obsessive thinking and toxic bitterness will result in liberty to love (God’s love flowing through you) with joy and peace; all the while maintaining healthy boundaries.

How Big is Your God? And Can You Trust Him?
Often when we are suffering from obsessive thoughts we are hurt, sad and probably dealing with some anger or bitterness. A good place to start to begin taking every thought captive is asking yourself the above questions.

You may even need to ask these questions obsessively! If you are a Christian or Messianic believer, you know your God is bigger than the trauma and pain you are currently enduring. Remind yourself of this frequently.

Do you trust Him? Part of recovery from recurring thoughts is reaching a place of faith and trust that is bigger and stronger than our emotional and spiritual pain.

If Your Thoughts are Revolving Around Betrayal or Rejection…
Then your goal should be to love your offender(s) without judgment and have healthy boundaries. You can love them without putting yourself at risk for further abuse, bullying or rejection.

Some of the obsessive thinking may revolve around confusion or the unfairness of your situation. You may be dealing with a fear of being further hurt. You may have some righteous indignation going and have a strong desire to show them their sin and pettiness, etc.

“Rumination can be a problem because it rarely offers new insights or solutions on how to handle a situation. Instead it emotionally hijacks us and intensifies our negative feelings.”

The EveryGirl, 5 Tips to Stop Obsessive Thinking
Instead, we need to choose to trust in our Creator. Over and over and over. Until it becomes like breathing. Easier written than accomplished.

Stopping the Obsessive Thinking Cycle will Include:
healthy boundaries in place
no fear, perfect love casts out fear
no vengeful or vindictive desires
trusting God/Messiah completely

You will want to daily work on these by reminding yourself to concentrate on:
acceptance with no judgment (remember we all sin)
Let His love flow through you
Trust God with EVERYTHING in regards to those that hurt you
figure out and implement healthy boundaries

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Cate Leach is a Blessed Reject who loves sharing and helping others with the topic of overcoming emotional trauma, rejection, and betrayal.
Cate is passionate about sharing the path of grieving what you have lost, processing the pain and overcoming through self-care and God’s grace to thriving to Better Than Ever!