More and more men are today suffering from premature ejaculation, and you might be one the many who cannot last long enough to satisfy their woman. This sexual problem is more common than you think, but most men are reluctant to accept that they suffer from PE partly because of shame and partly because of embarrassment of being called a half-man.

When you frequently ejaculate faster than you would like, for example, before intercourse starts or in just a moment after, you should know that you have sexual dysfunction. It could be embarrassing for men to discuss it or to ask for help. It is a very common sexual problem affecting over 40% of male between the ages of 25 and 40

Before now, specialists thought that the main cause of PE was psychological, but recent finding has shown that biological causes can also manifest premature ejaculation. Psychological causes include formal sexual experiences such as guilty feelings, erectile dysfunction, circumstances in which when men were rushed to ejaculate to avoid being discovered and anxiety.

Abnormal levels of certain hormones or brain substances, unusual response of the ejaculatory system, thyroid conditions and prostate or urethra issues are the physical causes of premature ejaculation

There are other triggers that can cause PE, such as panic of losing your erection which could make you hurry during sexual encounter, health worries that make you feel nervous when having sex and stress which does not let you relax and enjoy your sex encounter

However, different treatment alternatives to patients with sexual health issues like premature ejaculation have been suggested by medical specialist. Sexual therapy which usually include masturbating an hour before sexual encounter is among the most common treatment recommended by most sexual therapist. This helps to withhold erection during sex. Another solution is psychotherapy, which involves discussing about your former relationships and experiences with a professional thus eliminating anxiety.

You must keep in mind that the effect of each of the treatment mentioned depends on an individual, what work for one man may not necessarily work for another. But one major factor that could cause difficulties in the treatment of premature ejaculation is lack of education.

There are numerous PE guides and techniques which you can do on your own to overcome premature ejaculation. These exercises and techniques can be practiced on your own or with your partner. There are also several emotional strategies that can be employed in the course of these exercises.

The workout routines and methods can be practice on your own or along with your companion. If you learn how to handle your mental activation such as your feelings, arousal level as well as excitement, then you will be able to control yourself and eventually discover how to overcome your premature ejaculation.

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