Too many applications or software running during the startup of your Mac takes a toll on the speed and performance of your computer. Usually, when you start your Mac, software like iTunes or Dropbox gets started. Moreover, software that is rarely used also get started. This is the point where you need to focus for the better performance and speed of your computer. It is important that you stop all those unnecessary programs from opening during the Mac startup.

You need not rush to a technician or a professional for every little issue related to your Mac. There are certain important things that you can perform yourself, if you go through this informative article. This article will educate you on how to stop programs from opening automatically while starting up Mac.

Following are the step-by-step guidelines to stop programs from opening automatically while starting up Mac:

Begin the process by opening up the ‘System Preferences’ control panel on your Mac. To do this in an appropriate manner, first click on its dock icon. You can also choose to click on the Apple icon appearing at the top left of the menu bar and then select ‘System Preferences.’ Once you opened the ‘System Preference’ control panel, open the ‘User Account Setting’ pane through the ‘Accounts’ icon.
After opening the ‘User Account Setting’ pane, ensure that the account has been unlocked. For this you need to click on the padlock icon appearing at the bottom left hand corner of the pane. Now locate the ‘Login Items’ tab somewhere around the top of the pane. Click on the ‘Login Items’ tab that will take you to the Login pane.
Once the Login Items pane opens up, you will get access to the list of programs that start running every time you startup your Mac. Here you can choose those programs that you don’t want to open up while starting your Mac.
You have to simply check the program and click on the subtract symbol (-) appearing at the left bottom of the pane. You can also check the program and leave it for couple of seconds to stop it during startup. This in turn hides the application while you start your Mac computer.
Additionally, if you want to add a program that you want to start as soon as your Mac turns on then simply click on the plus (+) symbol to add the program. This will be added to your Login Items list. This way you can conveniently stop programs from opening automatically while your Mac starts up.

With the help of the above article you will be able to manage the startup programs on your Mac.

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