When husband and wife are fighting verbally, it is generally superficial. They do not harbour any vengeance from within. If you were to interfere and come in between, they will get their work done but eventually they will always stick together.

Fights that do not result in separation are merely parrot talks and parrot fights. I would instantly recognize that Harmony in Marriage 61 these two are in a parrot fight and they should not be taken seriously.

If you scold your wife, servant, or children for just one hour, then in your next life they will come to you as your wife or mother-in-law and harass you for the rest of your life. Justice is always there. You cannot avoid this suffering. If you create misery for anyone, you will get the same dose back.

An hour’s worth of misery given to others will result in a lifetime of pain for you. Then you will complain, “My wife is no good, she nags me.” The wife may wonder herself why she is the cause of your misery.

She suffers too. But there is no way out. Then if I were to ask this man, “Did you chose her to be your wife or did she chose you to be her husband?” he would say that he chose her. So why blame her?

It is not her fault if later on, you find her unsuitable.

Where can she go?

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council.