How To Stop Separation Anxiety: How To Deal With Separation Anxiety - How To Overcome Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety disorder is defined as a developmental abnormality that causes excessive anxiety concerning separation from home or from those to whom the individual is emotionally attached. It is a condition that is more common in children, but can also be present in adults. Children who suffer from separation anxiety disorder, which manifests when the child is separated from the primary caregiver (parents being the most common example), are usually more likely to go through other psychological problems, such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and other disorders, later in life.

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Some of the symptoms of separation anxiety disorder are recurring distress when separation to the object of attachment takes place; persistent and excessive worrying about the imminent loss of the subject of attachment; refusing to sleep or go to any place without the person attached to; and having nightmares about being separated from the subject of attachment.

As infants age, their learned idea of trust, safety, and comfort depend on familiarity and consistency. Children experience fear when they are suddenly taken away from familiar places and cannot recognize familiar faces. Not seeing their parents makes them feel threatened and unsafe. Separation anxiety is a normal development stage; when toddlers begin to understand that parents may be out of sight but will return eventually, their level of distress is alleviated.

In adults, on the other hand, separation anxiety is associated with personal impairment and social inadequacy. An example of identifiable syndrome is when an adult depend on his family members too much that he cannot function normally without them. When the problem is pathological, it often occurs with other psychiatric illnesses and other anxiety conditions and mood disorders. When the distress from being separated from a loved one, for any reason that may range from relocation, estrangement, or death, causes significant impairment in the social, physical, and psychological functioning of an individual, then help of a mental health professional may be warranted.

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Some studies are concerned with finding the link between separation anxiety disorder in children and its subsequent onset in adulthood. Treatments for this disorder usually involve one or more types of psychotherapy. Such therapies are focused on teaching children to recognize thoughts that provoke the anxiety and ultimately developing a plan to help them cope with situations that may cause separation.

Making the experience an enjoyable one for children also helps: behavioral strategies such as role-playing, relaxation training, and giving them due praise and recognition when improvements are noticed are some of the exercises that can be employed. For younger children, incorporating the parents into the training may also be beneficial. Family therapy and intervention may also be appropriate to address issues that affect the family dynamics.

Treatment in adult may be a little more comprehensive. Adults that develop this disorder have difficulty in functioning in normal situations without the object of their dependency. Altering such lifelong behavior may require several visits to the psychotherapist to correct. That's why as early as possible, the onset of separation anxiety disorder must be identified to enable proper and prompt solution to the problem.

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A problem with anxiety is a common thing among industrialized nations. One probable cause might be the fast pace of their daily living. Most people in these countries are engrossed with their jobs that they forget the essence of relaxation. Anxiety attack is becoming a serious condition among these people's lives. The good news is, it could still be treated and the use of natural methods is the best way of doing so.

The root of anxiety problems usually comes from an unbalanced lifestyle. It is only when a person starts changing his lifestyle for the better that he will be able to get relief from anxiety attacks. The most common and effective method of treating anxiety issues are lifestyle changes and cognitive training.

A change in your lifestyle refers to the removal of normal routines that are contributing to the rise of anxiety attack. You may find alcohol and caffeine intake as a form of relaxation but these two are actually great factors of acquiring anxiety attack. So, if you want to get rid of anxiety you must get rid of alcohol and caffeine first.

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One more thing about change in lifestyle is including healthy habits in your daily routine. Healthy habits in the form of: cognitive training, proper diet, regular exercise and good sleep. These things are pretty essential towards achieving an absolute treatment.

Moreover, indulging to good relaxation techniques is also helpful to the whole treatment plan. These relaxation techniques do not just give you enjoyment, more importantly it also helps your nerves rebuild faster. They come in different kinds like: yoga, meditation, massage, spa sessions or sauna sessions and more. You don't even have to do them every day, one relaxation getaway a month is already a good thing.

Think about these facts, if you have been suffering from serious anxiety attacks for quite some time maybe this is your chance to finally free yourself from that said uncomfortable condition. You have solved your anxiety problem and you have started a healthier lifestyle, at the same time.

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At some point you may have seriously considered drugs and shrinks as the only cure to your anxiety problems. Think again! For it remains a fact that medications and doctors cannot cure this growing chronic problem. Why? It is because they are not addressing the real cause of this anxiety problem. Instead, they are just lessening the pain experienced by the person suffering with anxiety. This is clearly not the absolute way of solving a problem. If you want an absolute solution target the source of the problem. That is what makes natural remedy the most effective remedy. Natural remedy addresses the main source of anxiety which is the brain.

The following are some of the vital components of natural remedy:

- Water

Drink plenty of water as it is a must to our system. Water also cleanses our body from any toxic substances that may cause anxiety and other harmful diseases.

- Alkaline minerals

A recommended 8 up to 10 servings of fruits every day is enough to provide your body with enough alkaline minerals needed. They are essential components towards restoring a balanced nervous system.

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- Protein

This is very beneficial to our body most especially in the process of rebuilding neurotransmitters which will eventually help make our brain function well.

- Relaxation

Real relaxations to be clear, not just a mere couch potato kind of relaxation. That must include activities that require focus such as: meditation, yoga, deep breathing, sauna session and the likes.

- Sleep

This is the most important component for your recovery. Hence it is just right to give it more value. Try to maintain a regular sleep pattern and make sure that you are having a good sleeping environment.

You could even add more helpful activities of your own choice. Then, start making them as a part of your daily routine. Don't take it as burdens rather take it as rewards. After all that is what natural remedy is. It doesn't just cure your anxiety but it also gives you a better way of living. Now, who says drugs and shrinks are better than natural remedy?

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Treatment for panic disorder is often made more complicated than it needs to be. Many people who are affected by panic disorder, and many of the people who are trained to help people with panic disorder, are looking for the "magic bullet" cure - the one revolutionary technique that will immediately cure those affected by panic disorder.

This approach may be noble, but it is also short-sighted, and leads to the simple, effective strategies that we know to work being overlooked.

Take this as an example: How would you like to make one simple change to your lifestyle that would instantly reduce your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure, decrease metabolism, wipe-out muscle pain, and increase circulation?

And as a bonus, what if this one simple change would also completely stop the physical symptoms associated with panic and anxiety, such as dizziness, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, chest pain, and headaches?

Well, there's one simple change that can produce all these positive results.

But because too many people are looking for the revolutionary "magic bullet" it gets overlooked.

Want to know what this one change is?

Correct breathing.

Not the exciting "magic bullet" answer you might have been hoping for, but that shouldn't stop you from making correct breathing a new addition to your lifestyle.

The trouble is, because "correct breathing" is not a glamorous, sexy, and revolutionary approach, far too few people even give it a try. And it can work wonders in alleviating anxiety and panic disorders, and the unbearable physical symptoms that are associated with them.

What follows are 2 simple exercises you can start using today to instantly improve the quality of your breathing, which in turn will immediately decrease the hold that your panic and anxiety currently has on you.

1. Lengthen Your Exhalation:

As someone with panic or anxiety disorder, you will almost certainly never fully exhale your breath. In a way, this robs you of those moments in life where you exhale deeply and sigh relief.

So from time to time during the day, take a minute or two and concentrate on your out-breaths.

To do this, breathe in through your nose for 3 seconds (count in your head), and then slowly breathe out for 6 seconds. Do this for one or two minutes in a quiet, relaxing place with your eyes closed.

Doing this will get rid of the excess carbon dioxide in your system, which is there as a result of your shallow breathing.

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2. Teach Yourself Correct Breathing:

Many people, including people with anxiety and panic disorders, simply do not breathe correctly.

Luckily, there's a very simple exercise you can perform that will guarantee that your breathing is correct. And the great thing is, if you perform this exercise a few times a day for a couple of weeks, you'll soon be breathing correctly all the time, without even being aware of it.

To perform this exercise, you're going to be taking breaths in through your nose to a count of 3, and then breathing out through your mouth for a count of 3.

Here's the important part.

When you breathe in correctly, using your diaphragm the way it was intended, your stomach should expand and your chest should be almost still. For most people, the reverse is true.

To begin breathing correctly again, place your palm on your stomach and breathe in to a count of 3. If your stomach does not expand, consciously push it out as you take in the breath.

Then breathe out to a count of 3 and let your stomach go back to its natural resting position.

Repeat this exercise for a minute or two, making sure your stomach expands as you breathe in, and relaxes as you breathe out.

Do this exercise a handful of times a day, as with exercise 1. Again, perform it in a quiet, relaxing place, preferably with your eyes closed.

Make these 2 breathing exercises a habit, and perform them a few times a day, every day. In a week or two, your breathing will begin to automatically incorporate these changes, even when you're not consciously performing the exercises.

Eventually, your breathing will be right back to where it should be, and the results will be dramatic.

Sometimes, searching for the "magic bullet" solution to your anxiety and panic disorders can distract you from the tips and strategies that really do work.

Correcting your breathing is the single best treatment for panic disorder there is, and making this a part of your life will provide you many benefits.

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