Research has shown that obese children make up between 10 and 30 percent of all children in Nigeria. That’s a large number of severely obese kids. What’s more frightening is that the number of obese children keeps rising.

Unfortunately, obese children are at a higher risk for illness and disease that kids who are not obese. While Kids who are not overweight grow up to be a normal weight adult, the likelihood of obese kids growing up to be overweight and obese is very high.

The risk of developing type II diabetes is high in kids that are overweight, which in most cases is preventable with a healthy diet and exercise habits. Also the risk of adult heart disease, joint problems and high blood pressure can be increased by overweight.

It has been discovered that special type of high blood pressure is common in obese kids. It is referred to as pediatric hypertension. This is when the kid’s blood pressure is too high and it is usually caused by overweight.

Obese kids face health consequences from their heavy childhood. What can then be done to prevent and reverse childhood obesity? To learn how to stop it, you must know what causes it in the first place. The risk of becoming obese in kids becomes higher if the parents are obese. The risk is higher is both parents are obese. It is slightly reduced if only one of the parents is obese

This is a factor because of the obvious eating habits within the family. They are probably not setting a good example as far as nutrition and exercises is concern if both parents are obese. It is easy to see how it could be easy for a child to gain weight since he/she will be served the meals that the adult eat.

Heredity does play a role. While heredity cannot in itself make a child fat, if many family members had weight issues it can show a natural predisposition toward gaining weight and having those related health problems.

One other factor to look out for is rather than actively playing and getting exercises, obese children spend a lot of hours every week doing passive activities. The biggest offender with heavy kids is watching television for several hours each day.

Even though the new breed of video games that get people up and moving around may help, it is hard to counteract several hours of sitting still watching television each day. Playing video games and on the internet does not leave time for physical activities.

The best thing parents can do for obese kids is to set a good example. Serving healthy, nutritious meals while watching things like calories and carbs is very important. Planning family activities that keep everyone physically active and making fitness priority can set the stage for healthier kids.

They need adult guidance to help them make healthier lifestyle choices and lose fat to protect their future health and happiness.

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