If you've been suffering from a hard break up, this article is for you. You know you need to get over your ex and start looking towards your bright future, but you just feel stuck in the past. Don't worry, there is help. By reading "How to stop thinking about my ex girlfriend" you'll learn ten tips that will give you your life back fast. These tips are proven ways that will help you move forward in a healthy way and have you feeling like the strong and confident man that you are. Stop dwelling on the past and checking your phone every five minutes, you have the power to change your life and get over her for good today.

1) No Contact - Delete her from any email accounts you may have, block her from social media sites, block her cell phone number, her home phone number, any way she can contact you, cut them out today. If you are still friends, send her a short note telling her you will be taking some time away and block her. You need to spend some time without constant reminders of what once was. It didn't work, the first step to getting over her is to get her out of your daily routine.

2) Clean House - Any of her things, things you bought together, souvenirs from trips, love notes, get rid of all of it. Again, the last thing you'll be thinking of or wanting around your house is a picture of that girl you dated five years ago. Not only will this make your space feel like yours again, you won't have physical reminders of your relationship and nostalgia triggers lying around.

3) Mourn - Now, when getting rid of those things around the house, and deleting all of your couple pictures on facebook, you should get mad, feel sorry for yourself, and let the break up get to you. You need to mourn the end to get on with recovery. Here's the key though, don't let yourself get caught up in the mourning process. Give yourself a few days, a week even, but no more.

4) Reach Out - Tell your friends and family that its over. Not only will saying you've broken up over and over again help you convince yourself that it's done, you will also be telling all of you friends its over, who will be there to support you and give you the extra push you need to get back to feeling like you again.

5) Start Something New - If you want to stop thinking about your ex girlfriend, you should start thinking about something else. Get yourself some extra credit with the boss by picking up an extra project, start learning to play the guitar, or speak a new language, anything that will keep you busy and that you can measure progress in. Seeing yourself complete new projects will boost your self-esteem and show you how productive being single can be.

6) Finish A Project - Follow through on step five is important. You want to start a project you can finish. Set a goal, set a timeline, finish it. And when you finish, celebrate. Make a big deal. If you've been learning guitar, play an open mic night. If you've finished a project at work, get a group of coworkers together for drinks. Keep it simple, light and fun.

7) Focus On You - You need to start feeling good about yourself again. And this can start from the outside in. Hit the gym, start boxing, get a massage, get a haircut and shave. You're single again. Look like it, and you'll start to feel like it.

8) No Dating - None at all. You need to get back to you before you start something new with a new girl. Rebounds will only make you think of your ex. Dating will get you comparing your date to your ex. One night stands only feel brutal the next morning, and you'll be thinking about your ex, who isn't the blonde who's name you can't remember.

9) Change Of Scenery - Take a trip. Visit family, hit the beach, get on a highway and drive somewhere for a week. Not only will traveling on your own feel liberating, you'll feel in control of your life again. There's no better way to celebrate being single than by being a single bachelor in a new town.

10) Make New Friends That Aren't Hers - You shared a lot of things, including friends. Start to phase any friends that were exclusively hers, completely out. You need to not be reminded of how she's doing, who she's dating or have friends relay any other unnecessary information about her to you. Go back to your guys, reconnect with people you haven't seen in awhile and build up your social circle again.

With these then tips, you'll stop thinking about your ex girlfriend sooner. Not only will getting over your ex be painless, but you'll feel good knowing you did it the healthy way and became a better stronger man for it. You don't need to live your life caught in the past, or dreaming of what could have been when you have the power in you to make tomorrow better. Follow these ten easy tips that will give you your life back today and be a better you tomorrow.

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