Did you know the only reason most people live in scarcity is because they have been hypnotised into accepting a host of limiting beliefs around their ability to create the abundance they rightfully deserve? Did you know most of those beliefs are held outside of conscious awareness stored deep in the subconscious mind? Did you know that the source of those beliefs is rooted in early negative experiences stored as negative memories that must be unearthed and erased in order to permanently erase the negative beliefs associated with them?

Finally, did you know that not only is this now possible it is essential in restoring individuals to their fully divine and empowered state as the human beings they were meant to be? Would you like to learn more?
Let’s take an example to help you clearly see how individuals are lured into a limiting trance-like state that blocks the effortless flow of abundance into and through their lives.

Let’s say an individual experiences some form of financial failure at some time in their life. When this happens, the negative memory associated with this event is immediately ‘downloaded’ and stored in the mind. In time, it sinks deep into the subconscious mind and anchors itself there.

What is less well known or understood by most is that it is actually this kind of memory that ‘programs’ the individual with negative limiting beliefs (and feelings) such as:

1. I’m a failure.
2. I’m inadequate.
3. I don’t have what it takes to succeed.
4. The fear of failure.
And so on.

As long as the memory remains lodged within, it will continue to support and serve as the “evidence” for the beliefs/feelings noted above.

In other words, nothing short of erasing/deleting the negative memory and program from the subconscious mind will yield a permanent and complete result.
Yes, I know that many will tell you that they have employed such modalities as NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Sedona method, etc. to release or reprogram their negativity. Unfortunately none of these, in my experience having worked with many of the practitioners of these modalities as my own clients, has yielded permanent and lasting results.

The reason being that many of these modalities do not have the capacity to permanently and completely erase/delete a negative memory. Indeed, many of the individuals who practice such modalities don’t even believe that it is even possible to completely erase a negative memory in such a way that the individual will feel like it never actually happened to them.
However, a decade ago it was discovered that in order to erase negative memories one had to become consciously aware of a number of finite lies associated with the memories about how they are supposedly useful to an individual.

For example, if we take the experience of failure noted above, many individuals might say that the memory of the event has helped them to learn not to make the same mistakes again, or to be more prepared the next time etc.
It turns out that if one were to rigorously follow through on the logic behind such beliefs, one would find that in fact they are not true. They are lies!
When this is done in a systematic manner, a very interesting thing happens. As the lies about the “usefulness” of such negative memories become conscious, the memories that they support and ‘anchor’ into the individual progressively become unhinged and start to float away and out of the person’s mind/body.

As all the lies are made conscious, the memory completely vanishes permanently in such a way that a) the person cannot recall it and b) it feels like it never happened.
The other interesting phenomenon associated with this ‘detoxification’ is that the negative limiting beliefs (and feelings) also permanently disappear.

This leaves the individual in a new and more empowered state of consciousness where they now see and know clearly who they are and what they are truly capable of.
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