Emotions are messages your mind uses in order to motivate you to take a certain action. Just like hunger can be a message your mind uses in order to motivate you to eat emotions are methods your mind uses to motivate you to get something done.
Worrying just like any other emotion is a message your mind uses in order to motivate you to pay attention to something.
Based on these facts we can conclude that the following methods can help you ease your worries in no time:

Take action right away: Didn’t you notice that most of your hunger disappears as soon as you eat? This is because your mind finds that the signal is no longer needed. Now the same can happen with worrying, as soon as you start paying attention to your problems your worries will ease because the signal will be no longer needed

Fix your false beliefs: Chronic worrying is usually the result of the false beliefs you have about life. For example if you believe that you have bad luck then you will always be worried no matter what you do. The only way to end chronic worrying is to get rid of the false beliefs themselves because they are the root cause. People who try to deal with this type of worrying by thinking positively are the same as those who try to get rid of a branch of a tree without cutting the tree’s root. Even if the branch was removed it will keep growing again until the root is cut.

Plan for the future: You don’t need to be in control in order to not worry but you just need to believe that you are in control even if you are not. Planning for the future creates a sense of security and makes you feel that you are more in control even if you were not. That certainly can help you ease your worries

Educate yourself: One of the main reasons that lead to the formation of false beliefs which in turn trigger worries is lack of knowledge. The human mind is a curious device that tries to fill the gaps whenever it is presented with an important equation that has a missing parameter. Lack of knowledge leads to false assumptions which assist in the formation of limiting beliefs . Once false beliefs are formed a new source of worrying is developed.

Develop faith in your skills: One of the most famous causes for worrying is being unsure of our abilities and skills. The good news is that this factor can be avoided by building self confidence and learning to trust our abilities and skills. By setting small goals and achieving them a person can gradually trust himself and so feel less worried when faced with a new challenge.

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