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Depending on the size of the container and the appetite of your cat, the chances are that your pet may not finish the serving. Once the can is open, take measures that limit moisture from getting inside the can to preserve the remaining content.

The cat should eat the canned food within four hours of opening if the room temperature goes above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, an ideal temperature for open canned foods is 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigerate it for at least five days and throw it away if no cat has eaten from the can.

The question of how to store opened canned cat food should find an answer once you know the conditions leading to food spoilage.

  • Air
  • Temperature
  • Moisture

The three conditions will make food go stale quickly. Therefore, you need to take these precautions when storing canned cat food:

Serve the Right Portion

Knowing the correct amount of food to serve is a simple way of preserving cat food. You will know the portion to serve your cat by monitoring its feeding habits. Set a standard portion of every mealtime to minimize wastage. As a cat breeder with kittens, you need two teaspoons of food that match their small stomach. Their digestive tract is not yet ready to process large quantities of food.

Make Use of Ziploc Bags

Use Ziploc bags to cover the can with the leftover food to avoid drying when left in the refrigerator. Warming the food inside the Ziploc bag is as easy as placing the bag on the sink and running warm water over it. The Advantage of using a Ziploc bag is its flexibility as it can fit on any available space inside the fridge.

Use a Refrigerator

Once you have finished serving the cat, immediately store the open canned cat food inside the refrigerator. Cats do not enjoy cold food, on the next feeding time, use a microwave to warm the food. Make sure the temperature is set not to burn the cat’s tongue.


Confirm the Expiry Dates

All foodstuff must have an expiration date. To avoid unnecessary problems such as your cat becoming sick due to feeding on food past their expiry date, watch out for the date. Some cat dry food manufacturers use a broad definition to define expiry dates. For example, “one year from the date of manufacture”. Therefore, it is up to you to define the date of expiry from such narratives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal storage temperature for canned cat food?

The environment should be cool and dry ideally below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A higher temperature destroys flavor, vitamins, and oxidation fats

Can I store an open canned cat food in a non-controlled environment?

Storing cat food in an open environment is not recommended. You can store the cat food where temperature is between 50-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can I tell if my canned cat food is still good?

Canned cat foods have a date code as a stamp somewhere at the bottom of the can. What you feed your cat defines their state of health. The same goes to where and how you store open canned cat food. The tips provide an easy way of handling cat food.

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