Storing wines on racks is an art. You can’t be a good wine collector overnight. Whether you aim at creating a small collection or an amazingly large one, you have to follow the basic rules. Although you might have created one of the beautiful spiral cellars or contemporary storage units, you must keep your collection in top condition to enjoy fine drinks.

First Comes First- Temperature is Crucial

Irrespective of the type of wines that you have; you must store them at an ideal temperature level. According to experts, it is 55oF with a tolerance of ±5oF. Suppose temperature fluctuation occurs due to any uncertain reason, it must not go beyond this range. It is one of the reasons why experts ask to build a cellar in a place where no high-intensity light sources are available.

Next – Humidity Control is Important

Humidity control is a must to ensure the right balance of moisture content. If you aim at storing your collection to age them, there is a greater chance of dry cork. To avoid this problem, you have to install a humidifier and keep the humidity level within 60 to 70 per cent. Just make sure that you monitor your collection periodically to avoid uncertain fluctuations.

Next – Some Wines Have an Expiration Date

It’s fine to keep each bottle on racks; however, wines have an expiration date. In other words, you have to select the right type of wines for the aging process and keep those bottles on a separate rack. And, place other wines confidently to consume them within the expiration date so that you could enjoy your drinks throughout the year.

Next – Don’t Store Corked Bottles Upright

It may seem convenient to store bottles in the upright position but it is not the accurate method. This positioning of bottles increases the dryness factor of cork. It can cause damage to the cork by developing small cracks that allow air to contaminate your collection. So, you are advised to store them horizontally on racks to keep the cork moist.

Next – Don’t Wait Too Long to Open Used Bottles

You might have a couple of open bottles in your hand after having a night party with friends. It is not possible to use those bottles the very next day every time. To avoid spoilage of drinks, you have to re-cork the bottle perfectly and store them at a separate rack by labelling it. Now, make sure that you use them within a short period of time to enjoy the divine taste.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, most wine enthusiasts would like to store a range of drinks at home because of lockdowns and other similar reasons. If you are on the same page, you might know that your passion for wines as well as your collectionwill grow with time. So, build one of the perfect spiral cellars to save property space and follow the above-mentioned storage tips.

Do remember that a small error in storing your favourite drinks might lead to spoil your entire collection. To avoid any issues, get assistance from experts and be a successful wine collector.

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The author, a wine cellar expert, has been associated with a reputed firm to guide individuals in creating good quality spiral cellars, contemporary storage units, etc. He also likes to write informative posts on cellaring and the benefits of having a home wine room.