Is your home safe? An indoor security camera is the best addition you can have at your home. Sometimes when you are outside the only thing you want to make sure is whether your home, your family or belongings are safe. With new technologies evolving, the security systems are experiencing changes too. One of the greatest innovations is the integration of the Nest CAM with your home security camera. 

Have you ever thought what if an intruder breaks into your property? 

The Nest Cam a product by Google is especially engineered to look after your loved ones and your assets while you are away. It offers 24/7 streaming and features the following: 

  • Magnetic stand 
  • Personal alerts 
  • Single app facility for all Nest solutions 

The best part is that Nest Cam allows you to keep a check of what’s going inside your home even when you are miles away. No matter which part of the world you are in, a single click into Nest Cam will give you access to your property. 

It will remain active 24/7 and whenever it is plugged into the mains supply, you will be rest assured of receiving streaming throughout the day. 

How to stream the security camera with Google Nest Display 

Firstly you must get an overall knowledge about streaming the security camera Shellharbour on Google Nest Display. Here is what you require doing this: 

  • A compatible camera with configurations to collaborate with a partner app 
  • Nest Display 
  • Google Home App 

At first set up the camera and then set up Nest Display followed by allying the security camera with Nest Display. In order to do this visit Google Home app at first and then select the set-up device option. In order to complete the process, select the camera manufacturer from an entire list. After linking the camera manufacturer with Google Home send a command “Sync my devices” and “Sync my cameras”. 

Did you have Nest Cam already linked to your Security system Shellharbour? Get your Nest Cam account unlinked and then get it re-linked in order to view Nest Cam. 

Next, use your voice commands to help stream the security camera with Nest Display. In order to start streaming you will need to wave Google at first by mentioning “Hey Google”. Send out commands such as: 

  • Show the camera name 
  • What’s on the camera 
  • “camera” on “smart display name”
  • Play the “camera” on “smart display name”
  •  Show the “camera” on “smart display name”
  • Stop 

Google Nest Cam alerts you whenever there is something fishy going around a premise. Since it’s not possible to have your eyes fixed only on Nest Cam video feed, the technology is enabled with features like detecting conspicuous sounds. If it detects such sounds, Nest Cam will soon send an alert on your phone and in case if you miss seeing this alert, it will further send images captured by the security camera. Furthermore the Nest CAM helps you receive snapshots of images captured for a couple of hours or more. 

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The author runs a business on security solutions which deal with security camera Shellharbour. In recent blogs the author has written about latest technologies which are integrated with modern security cameras.