Faith is an inner conviction and knowing based on a clear understanding of Universal Law. When you understand the truth of life, your own self, and the creative process then you have a valid foundation for faith. When you act from this knowledge then you are living with faith. It is not something extra you bring out when you want some added benefit in life, but is the way you act from moment to moment when you know the truth.

The universe is lawful and that allows us to live effectively. Imagine trying to operate in a world where the sun rose one day at 4.00a.m., then at 9.30a.m., then midday, then 4.00a.m. again. It would be too chaotic to imagine. We can rely on the consistency of the day because the solar system is lawful. And so it is in every area of life you examine.

The operation of law guarantees correct results, and the more universal the law, the more certain are the results. The law of gravity is a universal law which produces exact predictable results, and the same understanding can be applied to our personal lives. Spiritual Science reveals that thought is creative. Everything we perceive through the senses and the mind is created from thought. In the ancient scripture there is the quote: “Let us make Man in our own image and likeness. like unto us with mastery over all things.”

This clearly spells out the essence of the creative process. An image is a picture. When you hold a picture steadily in your mind it becomes a mental mold for the creative principle to fill. Thought is an expansive energy which radiates out from the mind that holds it, and returns from the total environment to manifest the conditions that correspond to the thought itself.

For example if you are starting a business and you continually hold images of failure in your mind, guess what you are going to get. If you hold images of success and combine them with effective action then that is what you will get. The creative principle does not know good or bad. It does not discriminate. It will create for you whatever conditions correspond to the images you hold in mind.

Even modern science has discovered this truth as researchers found that the fundamental building blocks of matter always behave in the way that is expected. If they try to measure an electron as a wave it becomes a wave; if they try to measure it a particle it becomes a particle. Some scientists are even theorising that the whole universe is continuously blinking in and out of existence, and what blinks it back into existence is expectation - in other words, images held in consciousness.

It therefore becomes our responsibility to carefully choose the images we hold in mind. This is the practical application of the previous discussion. When you are free of unconscious conditioning and attachments then you become free to imagine and hold those images that serve you.

Put another way the Law states, “Whatever you give energy to grows and expands.”

This is the basis of faith, and knowing it empowers you to live with confidence and creative success. Because it is the law of creation it is universal, consistent and unfailing. We have all the creative powers of life at our command because we have consciousness and can generate thought. By correct use of this law we can create whatever experiences or conditions we desire and imagine.

Living with such absolute conviction is faith, but the process needs to be clean, meaning that the image must be clear, undivided and held unwaveringly. You need to guard against being double-minded by desiring it on the one hand, but then doubting it on the other. In this case you have two conflicting images: one of it manifesting as you want, and one of it not.

You need to be whole hearted and whole minded in living by faith. You become totally clear about what you want and commit to it with all your mind, heart, Soul and body. A common trap is wanting something but also holding thoughts that do not fully support it, and not giving it your total commitment.

The creative principle is continuously acting on the instructions it gets from your thoughts and beliefs, so if you want certain results you need to be clear, undivided and totally committed. Faith is knowing that life supports you and is continuously saying yes to your thoughts.

Then the step that makes it physically real is being accountable. If you know that life supports you, and you understand the creative process, and you have a clear vision, then you can act with full confidence and decisiveness to fulfil whatever you desire. Remember the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”

When you act on your faith you give a powerful message to Life so it can respond in kind. Life always supports you by giving you back exactly what you have given out with your thoughts and energy. It cannot do otherwise because you are the full complete expression of life. You are the child of life and it loves you unconditionally.

When you are free you reawaken the natural trust in life you had as a child.

Author's Bio: 

Clement McGrath brings 32 years of coaching and mentoring experience and a wealth of knowledge to his work. Clement has worked in a variety of roles that have all involved supporting people to reach their full potential and live the life of their dreams.

He has conducted his own private practice for 32 years, has facilitated youth work in a non-profit organisation, has been a contracted provider to a major government department, and director of Life Coach Associates since 2001.

After facilitating Life Coach Associates coach training program for 10 years, he recently stepped aside from that position to focus on creating a variety of programmes that are more accessible to a wider audience.

These include, “Relationship Rescue,” “How to Harness Your Yes Power,” “How to Increase Your Energy and Achieve More,” “Find Your voice: How to Communicate Confidently and Effectively,” and “Awakening to Infinity: A Course in Self Realisation.”

He is available for private consultations and public speaking, and can create customised programmes to address the specific needs of groups and organisations.

Clement is a qualified Breath Therapist, and has studied extensively in the areas of ‘Effective Communication,’ ‘Human Creativity,’ ‘Principles of Peak Performance and Success,’ and ‘Mythology and its Modern Applications.’

He has co-authored the book, “The Way to Freedom,” and is currently completing a book on relationships that he intends to have published in 2015.

Clement lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, with his partner Heather Fletcher.

Contacts for Clement are:

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