As a business owner you already know how important it is MARKET your business. It’s vital to your business success just like breathing is to living.

Now, more than likely, you weren’t born knowing HOW TO market your business. You WERE born with your unique brilliance, including your passions, and that brilliance led you to start your own business. But you weren’t born knowing how to market your business, right? No, you did what we’ve all needed to do…you LEARNED (or are learning) the fundamentals of marketing.

Yay! That’s a good FIRST step.

After learning so much you then started to apply what you learned. You tried things like warm letters, ezines, speaking, working up some stellar sales copy and launching your website. Perhaps through all of this you even went back to the books and home study courses you purchased and used them as reference material to refresh your memory of how to implement a specific strategy. Again YAY, good for you!

Now, here’s where my pet peeve comes in (and please know if this is you I don’t think YOU’RE a pet peeve…my pet peeve is the fact more people don’t tell you to do what I’m about to share with you!)

Have you actually STUDIED the master marketers and actually learned not only what they teach but more importantly how they’re implementing their own marketing advice? And then, after dissecting HOW they do things have you then stopped and asked yourself how to become a marketing master yourself? Not in a copycat sort of way but in a 100% authentic sort of way?

Over the years I’ve learned that YES you can learn amazing things via books and home study courses but in my opinion NOTHING beats actually following someone who is masterfully marketing and really paying attention to HOW they do it, WHO they are BEING and even WHAT they actually choose to do with their marketing. You see, that’s how you truly learn to market yourself…you pay attention to those that are doing it successfully!

You’ll never really learn how to put all the pieces together until you’ve witnessed someone do it for themselves. You’ll never learn how completely creative and unique you can be in your approach until you’ve seen others stretch the boundaries!

A long time ago I heard the advice to FIRST consider yourself a MARKETER who just happens to specialize in “coaching”, or “healing” or “holistic nutrition”…(you fill in your specialty)

I think that’s an excellent piece of advice to remember as we start the New Year. YOU, my friend, ARE a marketer. You must be because if you’re not or if you don’t see yourself that way you’re going to have a very hard time promoting your business.

Therefore, if you’re a marketer anyway what would it take for you to see yourself as someday becoming a Master Marketer?
I think it’s a challenge seriously worth considering at the start of this new year.

Remember, if you have the desire to create something like a business you HAVE TO possess the qualities that will allow you to fulfill that desire. How you do it will be different than how I’m doing it or anyone else but you can LEARN from others who are doing it well.

Take the time to learn, observe, dissect and reassemble the marketing tactics of those doing it really, really well. It’s a smart thing to do!

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Cari Vollmer, The Passion Into Profit Mentor, is founder of the Passion Into Profit Get More Clients CLARITY Revolution, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to get the clarity you need to position yourself as an expert, attract clients, and grow your business. To get your F.R.E.E. Passion Into Profit Success Kit and articles, visit