Spring is coming soon and talking about spring says change and improvement in the house. Many people want to sell their house and one of the first things to consider when you want to sell quickly is the famous home staging .


What does that mean exactly?
The home staging is a process optimization of real estate sales . We also talk about property valuation . Home staging means word for word "home staging". It makes it possible to enhance the value of a property offered for sale using techniques based on suggestion. It is then a question of conditioning the state of mind of the potential buyer when he enters the house for sale for the first time.

The origins of home staging date back to the 1970s. More specifically, this method of real estate valuation was created across the Atlantic (in the United States in particular) in 1972 thanks to a real estate agent by the name of Barbara Schwarz who is its promoter.

History of home staging
We have been discussing it for years but maybe this time it's your turn to think about it. Is it really worth it? The answer is YES, absolutely!

So, what do we do to get there and succeed in home staging ?

The main basics of home staging are fairly simple and one of the important points to remember is that the vast majority of people have trouble imagining spaces. They find it hard to visualize themselves living in your home. They therefore need a helping hand to facilitate this task. This is why this technique is so important.

How to make a success of your home staging ?

1. Purify and depersonalize all parts
This means removing what is superfluous.

For example, trinkets and any other very personal object such as picture frames, trophies, medals, children's drawings, etc. It encumbers more than anything else and the buyer has the impression of enter your privacy bubble.

2. Refresh the decor to obtain a timeless style
This means repainting walls and ceilings with an up-to-date shade, changing window coverings if necessary, bedding, rugs, lighting, frames and cushions so that it is current and neutral.

3. Put the efforts on the main parts
We know that the buyer's crush is immediate when he enters the house. The living room, the kitchen, the master bedroom and the bathroom are the priority pieces.

4. Store and classify
That is to say, removing and storing in boxes what is out of season and which makes the storage spaces seem messy. A beautiful walk-in closet without being overloaded is a favorite for the buyer.

5. Get rid of any superfluous and too big furniture that makes the space appear smaller than reality
The furniture must breathe and the customer must see the circulation spaces as well as the clearances around the furniture.

6. Repair
Hide the holes in the walls and everything that should be repaired so as not to discourage the buyer and suggest that the house has not been well maintained

7. Also treat the outside of the house
This is important because it is the first glance. Remove weeds, trim shrubs, repair steps, concrete, paving stones if necessary, keep windows clean and in good condition.

8. Clean your home like never before
And everywhere, tiles, showers, closet interiors, appliances, fireplace ... everything must be impeccable when you want to sell quickly.

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Waqas Ali