Are your personal relationships suffering because you’re working so hard to get your business off the ground? Are you always the last priority on your list because there’s never enough time to get it all done?

I'm at a mindset and marketing retreat in Fort Lauderdale (FL) with some if the most committed, powerful and rock solid woman entrepreneurs I know AND I’m also picking up on a common issue a lot of women come up against – how to succeed in your business without losing your feminine power and turning into a man.

I’m not talking about growing a beard or wearing plaid here – what I’m talking about is maintaining this delicate balance between taking action and just getting it done versus relaxing and rejuvenating, surrendering if you will into the sensual textures of beingness and the feminine essence.

I know from personal experience that drawing that delicate line in the sand can be a challenge. Swinging too far out on either side can cost you dearly.

When you are in “get it done” mode you’re in your masculine energy. I coach a lot of women who are burnt out and struggle because they’ve lost touch with the simple pleasure in life. Pleasure is the gateway to the feminine energy.

A woman in her feminine energy exudes and radiates warmth, love and attracts or receives almost magically everything she needs without “doing” anything.

It’s tricky because women have this “sacrifice yourself gene” and it’s so easy for women to put everything and everyone before themselves and as a result their feminine mojo takes hit.

Consider when you show up in your intimate relationships with your feminine essence tank on empty your relationships suffer big time.


One of the first things I do with the women I coach who come to me struggling to get to the next level in their business is I have them create rituals around getting back into their bodies which allows them to LET go of the resistance they are unknowingly creating and then the magic starts happening.

A woman in her feminine essence is receiving without effort. The mere act of delighting in life’s textures flips the invisible switch. Giving yourself permission to enjoy simple pleasure again will instantly and dramatically shift your energy and your business.

One of my favorite rituals for moving back into my feminine essence is going to the spa with my good friend Sylvia. We’ve made a weekly ritual out of it – one of the best investments I’ve made this year.

After a long week of work hitting the steam baths, saunas and dipping in the river help bring me right back to myself and helps me to re-center.

We go out for supper and dancing afterwards and I love it. All powerful ways to get back into your body.
Any time you go into nature also reconnects you back into the feminine.

It’s hard for a lot of women to flip that switch but totally necessary if you want to have a well balanced life.
What have you been letting slide under the carpet? And what rituals will you create to reclaim those parts lost of yourself?

Ideas for your feminine power rituals:
Have a bath with candles and music
Cook up a storm in the kitchen with friends
Take a dance class, yoga class tai chi class to get back into your body.
Go for long walks into nature
Create a goddess alter where you dress and put on make up and get ready for the day – make this special and create the sacred space for it in your room.

Owning your feminine essence and taking your power back can be delicious and simple and easy just like your business. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. In fact when you balance the being and the doing – everything falls magically into place the right clients show up, opportunities, relationships etc.

You can be a successful business bombshell and a loving mom, wife and daughter when you put yourself on top of your list – list of priorities. It’s not selfish it’s self-love and you deserve it.

To your love expansion and freedom,

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Vanessa Simpkins is a sky rocket your confidence & cash flow mentor, speaker and author of "From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops". Creator of the "Transformational Breakthrough Summit" Vanessa helps women entrepreneurs breakthrough their inner blocks, skyrocket their confidence and put proven systems in place to attract more clients and make more money. She's been featured in "Motivated Magazine", "Today's Business Women Magazine", worked alongside personal development experts like Joe Vitale from the hit Movie "The Secret" & Marci Shimoff from "Happy for No Reason" and has also spoken at the TED EX "Let's Spread Success" event in Montreal. Vanessa loves teaching authentic success principals that empower and inspire **Personal & Professional FREEDOM ** to help entrepreneurs create a life and business by design instead of by default. To find out more about her workshops in Costa Rica, USA and Canada and to get your FREE audio “How to Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow: 5 of the Biggest Money, Mindset and Power Leaks Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them” visit her website