- Digital Marketing goal has to stand first in Google’s organic search. SEO is a base for getting your website ranked in search engines. But SEO - Search Engine Optimization process is time consuming and needs a lot of patience; this also required depth knowledge of how websites runs works, etc. If one is not a web expert or SEO Executive and have limited time and knowledge and wants to stand first in Google ranking then PPC Campaigns is best and fastest option for him.
What PPC stand for?

As we all know that PPC stands for Pay per Click. This is type of advertising in which we set a budget for ads on search or social media platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. There are many types of advertising forms such as Pay-Per-impression, pay-per-view, pay per likes etc. These all work on one thing that i.e. we have to pay only when someone clicks; views or impressions are received on the paid ad.

Pay Per Click advertising plays an important role in our business success. It’s highly useful for specialized and time sensitive campaigns and where we have to address directly with competitors or we have to break into new geographic markets. However PPC advertisement can be quite expensive, time consuming and temporary if we are only using this approach for the Online Marketing presence.

PPC Campaigns have broad category, which includes wide variety of platforms and mediums. The most popular PPC campaigns are Google ads and Social Media Advertising.
Google Ads: In Google ADS you have to pay to Google for getting our ads listed here. But we will be only charged when someone clicks on our ads and we have to pay the cost per click (CPC) from your budget. Once your entire Budget has been depleted, Google ceases to run our ads.

The following are the different types of Google ads
•Search Ads
•Local Ads
•Display Ads

Social PPC Ads: The paid social ads can also offer unmatched audience. After all these social medias have billions monthly of active users. Mainly Facebook has 1.55 billion of active users in month and also Facebook owns the Instagram so PPC ads work on both platforms parallel.

The following are types of social ads platforms

How we get most out of PPC?

As PPC process is easy and simple but rushing can lead to disaster if we do not know the basic and main guidelines. The following are main Strategies to get most out of a PPC campaigns.

1.Create Goals
First make the Goal which you want from the advertisement. If the expectations and goals are not defined then there is only wastage of money and time.

2.Define the targeting people
Always remind yourself for whom your ad is made. When choosing keywords keep in mind what people and audience would search for and what they need. Your content on landing page is logically matched with the keywords. Just put yourself in the place of visitor.

3.What outcome you want
Determine what you would do if user once clicks on your paid advertisement. Would you like to attract visitors to landing page which further leads the visitor to your website for buying your service or product? Or would you like to drive traffic to your landing page for maximize visibility.

4.How would you know PPC Campaigns is success?
Set up a pexel codes and analytics to measure the conversions before launching your ads. It would help us to know from where traffic is coming i.e. PPC ads or SEO or Organic.

Why use PPC or it Makes Sense to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC Advertising is an important tool for website’s ranking and traffic.

It’s very helpful rather useful when we need very fast results in a particular area, season, location, etc
•PPC will supplement your SEO efforts
SEO is a slow and long process known to all, it takes time for optimizing a website. But PPC ads will supplement SEO process. As soon as an ad is live, it starts appearing on our targeted platform and we start getting instant results.

•Create awareness about new product and service
SEO will work only if your target keywords are searched by users. But for launching new products we face this problem for targeting the right audience here PPC plays a very important role. PPC ADS will helps in providing an awareness message right to our targeted audience.

•To beat well known competitors
If we are just beginning to establish an online presence for our business in a space already dominated by large companies, it’s going to take some time to carve out own space on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP.) Fortunately, however, ad placements cover up to 85% of the space above the fold, and 80% of search results contain Google Ads ad placements. This means that, even while we are working to establish our place in the organic results, we can buy our visibility for same keywords that our larger competitors may be targeting organically.

•If You Are a Non-Profit
Nonprofits already contend with the challenge of limited budgets; often the price of competitive SEO can be out of reach. Fortunately, Google Ads can help.

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