It is a parent’s responsibility to educate their children about the dangers of drunk driving before they hit the road intoxicated. A single conversation can save countless lives, but the talk can be difficult. Here are some tips for persuading them of the undeniable dangers:

Stay Casual

Avoid the appearance of giving a reprimand or passing judgment. Providing any level of authority will simply give them a figure to rebel against; instead of being a stern disciplinarian, try presenting the talk from a caring friend’s point of view. Stress the fact that you are merely looking out for their well-being. 

Use Visual Aids

It may be grisly, but the traumatic imagery of crash sites caused by drunken teenagers will be the best deterrent available. Do not shy away from the gruesome stuff. 
Keeping these pictures at the forefront of their mind will allow them to maintain a healthy fear of the road’s lurking threats. 

Avoid Humor

Do not include jokes in this talk, especially since there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to the perils of driving drunk. Humorous anecdotes will only serve to trivialize the importance of this conversation, and that can demean the entire point of the message. Stay serious without appearing stern. 

Describe Repercussions

There is a litany of consequences to endure from choosing to drink and drive. First off, intoxicated vehicle operators rarely escape without injury. Even if they manage to avoid hurting themselves, there is no way for them to escape the likelihood of maiming or killing someone else. In addition to the guilt of harming another person, there will be serious legal debts to pay. Financial ruin is just the beginning; in fact, drunk driving for just a few seconds can result in a lifetime of incarceration. 

Bring a Lawyer's Perspective

If the previous tactics fail to get through, then it is time to consult professionals that handle drunken driving cases on a regular basis. A Naegle Law DUI Lawyer can explain every potential consequence to your teenager using clear examples. If they fail to comprehend the gravity of intoxicated behaviors, this contact with the Naegle Law Firm will be useful in the future too. 


Ultimately, the inexperience of teenage drivers is already a leading cause of fatalities on the road, so the addition of alcohol only makes matters extra hazardous. Follow the tips above to do your part in keeping your teen safe (and sober) behind the wheel. 

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Karleia is a freelance blogger.