Back injuries often make it more difficult to function in everyday life. Whether you sustained your injury while playing sports or because of a medical condition, you can try certain methods to alleviate your pain and heal quickly. Here are some of the best ways to successfully mend a back injury fast.

Exercise Wisely

Exercise is good for strengthening the back muscles and recovering from an injury, but there are also exercises that you should avoid doing while you’re trying to heal. According to, research has shown that doing more yoga can help alleviate back pain faster than many other forms of conventional exercise. Going for regular walks can also ease back stiffness. Sit-ups and crunches put more strain on the back and should be avoided while recovering.

Don’t Rest Too Much

You may be tempted to spend more time in bed or sitting in a chair as you recuperate, but doing so can actually make your condition worse. Resting too much can cause your back muscles to stiffen and hurt more. A sitting position often puts more strain on the lower back and may be especially problematic if you sit for long periods of time while working or traveling. It’s important to maintain physical activities at a moderate pace to overcome your back injury faster.

Seek Professional Care

Caregivers who practice conventional and alternative forms of medicine often help patients who suffer from back injuries. Doctors from places like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical & Rehab Associates who specialize in herniated disc treatment can use techniques to alleviate pain and discomfort. Physical therapists are also trained in treating many types of back injuries. If your back pain is caused by general muscle tension, seeing a professional massage therapist will likely be a good option.

Eat the Right Foods

Certain foods are known to help with the treatment of back injuries. The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, tuna and other cold-water fish can reduce inflammation and help your back heal more effectively. Blueberries, carrots and sweet potatoes are also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking a cup of green tea is one of the best natural ways to ease back pain. It’s best to limit dairy and sugar consumption since these foods are known to cause inflammation.

Taking control of your back injury and finding ways to minimize pain can help you overcome your condition with less difficulty. Trying any of these methods will likely bring you great results.

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