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For those who think that love is enough to make any relationship work are possible victims to one of the biggest deceptions in the world. Any type of relationship, most especially romantic, requires a lot of efforts. One has to be on toes all the time, alert for any kind of issue that should be discussed before it’s going to be too late. You want to look and feel good for your partner.

That’s why it seems too hard to maintain a long-distance relationship. According to studies, commonly a romantic relationship dissolves around six months after the physical separation. This information, though, should not stop you from pursuing this. There are also others who succeed simply because they follow these tips:

Lay down the rules. Rules are important in any relationship, more so when you’re going to be separated for quite some time. As much as possible, you want to limit the possibilities of issues such as jealousy. Determine if both of you are allowed to see other people, the modes of communication, how often should each other communicate, so on and so forth.

Identify the possible problems. No one will really know what types of challenges are going to come along the way, but both of you can at least be more prepared. You don’t want to find the issues too overwhelming to handle.

For example, the move to another country may create communication issues considering the time differences. There will be fewer technologies available, which means you really cannot expect the person to be available all the time.

Build up on the trust. Trust is one of the things that truly matters in a relationship, especially long distance. This is the value that will make you feel more secure, less jealous or insecure, and more independent.

Not everyone tend to have a high level of trust. You may want to work on it. To help you, you can make use of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages, sometimes called affirmations, can assist you in changing your present negative mind-set to something more optimistic or positive. You can try the following phrases:

I trust my loved one a lot.
I have enough trust to allow somebody to be on his own.
I am confident of this relationship.
I have enough trust to give away.
I am confident of my own personality.
I am a blessed person.

These subliminal messages can be repeated most especially at times when you seem to be in doubt even if there’s really nothing to be worried about.

Be more open. Make sure you can share your thoughts and feelings, particularly if you want to feel assured by your loved one. Besides, there’s no such thing as a mind reader. Your partner will not know something is already bothering you or an issue is on the rise unless you are willing to talk about it.

Keep the romance on high. The more you are apart, the more you have to put a lot of effort to keep the passion and love burning. Surprise each other once in a while, leave inspiring messages on the inboxes, make yourself look good all the time.

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