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You do not want to get caught in the middle of a perfect storm. This natural calamity can be very disastrous but more so if you experience it completely unprepared. To make sure you can improve your chances of surviving, take note of the following tips:

1. Get the latest information.

News bureaus and disaster agencies do provide updates on the condition of your community and storms in the coming hours or days. Make sure that you can get this first-hand information as soon as possible. There are different technologies you can use. You have mobile phones, televisions, radios, and even the World Wide Web. This also means you need to check that all these items are running perfectly. Those that run through batteries have to be charged.

2. Keep your calamity kit handy.

What is this calamity kit? It is a container or anything that holds all the items you need should the storm gets worse. These include first-aid equipment, flashlights, extra batteries, mobile phones, few clothes, cash, and important documents. You can also put them inside a bag. If you can, keep them on standby even if there is no storm. This way should you have to leave your home, you can just pick the bag up and go.

3. Listen to the experts' advice.

If they tell you to move to a higher ground, do so. If you are asked to converge in a particular area, ensure you definitely get there. These people know better than you do, particularly in times like these, so you should definitely learn to listen properly.

4. Have a clearer mind.

There is no use in panicking. You will only make very bad judgments that can put you in grave danger. If you seem to be pretty scared, you can use subliminal messages to calm you down. While you are packing or in your moment of stillness, you can say the following subliminal messages:

I will remain calm despite the strong storm.
I know panic does not get me anywhere.
I will get all the help I need.
I know that this storm will end, and I can survive it.

You can repeat these subliminal messages while taking long deep breaths. You will feel your muscles relax and your heart beat slower in the process.

5. Discuss things with your family.

You do not have to wait for a storm before your family can come up with a good plan on what to do. Talk things over. Where would you stay should there be a storm? What will be the mode of transport? What will be the role of every person when caught such situation?

6. Have some food and water.

If you want to last long in the storm, you need food and water. You may consider using those that are easy to open. Ensure too that they remain clean all the time. The last thing you want to happen is to get sick while you are battling a huge disaster.

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