Using social media is a two-sided coin.

There are many advantages of using social media.

Social media is the height of fun: For instance, you can experience the joys of Instagram. There are many advantages of using Instagram. When you use Instagram, you find yourself in a world of beauty where you can be creative. The images are beautiful and often unique.

I know first-hand the feeling of making creative Instagram Stories I didn't know I was capable of. I'm not normally creative, but when I use Instagram my creative side comes out.

Instagram personalizes the Explore Section since it seems to know your interests.

At Instagram, the joys know no limitations. You meet interesting people who share your mindsets while viewing beautiful and unique images.

Of course, if you're an entrepreneur, marketing is available to you as well.

Facebook is the same way: Networking with like-minded people, marketing, and fun await you.

For instance, on Facebook, you get end-of-year videos that help you remember your year and you get to take "quizzes" that tell you your word for the year or what kind of animal you'd be.

Certainly, there are many advantages of using Facebook.

Yet, social media has its downsides as well. On Facebook, people are scared of losing private data since Facebook admitted to selling users' data in 2018.

As a result, people are flocking to a social media site called MeWe. Here is a MeWe review if you'd like to check out the site.

More downsides of using social media include people bullying on social media. For adolescents, this can be damaging to their mental health.

Since the 2020 election, there has been much toxicity on social media that continues.

Conservatives are flocking to a social media site called Parler that believes in free speech so it doesn't censor hateful content.

Even adults might get depressed reading this hateful content. In fact, I know adults who do get emotionally affected.

Both Reddit and Facebook shut down groups that shared hateful content. These groups went to MeWe and Parler.

In closing, social media can be a great deal of fun, improve your technical skills, introduce you to new, interesting content and people.

On the other hand, social media can be damaging to your mental health as a result of bullying and fears of privacy loss.

Overall, I believe there are more advantages than disadvantages, so I continue using social media.

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