As a committed Pilates Instructor and Studio owner, you love getting on your mat and moving your body!

You love the feeling of your body melting into the postures.

You feel at home with the alignment you effortlessly achieve as you flow from exercise to exercise.

And the clarity of mind you experience grounds and centers you.

And you know that when you don’t get on your mat, that you will feel less balanced and more stressed.

You know for sure the reasons why your personal practice is so important and you’re really clear on what the outcome is if you miss it.

So why do you find it hard to take action with developing and expanding your Pilates Studio?

You know you need to attract and retain more Ideal clients. And you know that involves marketing effectively and consistently, but you don’t do it!

Perhaps you start off with good intentions? You set aside time during the weekend to “get serious about your Studio” and sit down at your computer.

You check out advertising options, but can’t see the value in what’s on offer.
Then you look at what your competitors are doing with their marketing. Not that you want to mimic them, but you’re searching for “the answer”!
But then you get sidetracked with your Facebook page, start checking emails and think about organizing class plans for the week ahead.
And, before you knew it you had to make dinner or bath the kids!

You know what you want and you have an idea of what you need to do, so how come you’re not doing it?

Your mindset is holding you back!

It’s like you’ve got a “war going on” inside your head that’s often outside of your awareness.

So how can you stop this internal battle from sabotaging you and your Studio?

These steps can help:

Take some time to slow down long enough to reflect on your behavior.
Get in touch with the conflicting commitments you notice in your subconscious.
Look at what pay offs you’re getting for not moving forward E.g If the time you set aside to “get serious about marketing your Studio” conflicts with your friend’s birthday lunch and you attend the lunch. You tell your friends “how busy you are running your Studio”. They tell you that “you work too hard and you poor thing having to do so much”…This is your pay off!

Now you’ve worked out what’s going on in your subconscious…

Work out the cost of not attracting your ideal clients and marketing your Studio consistently.
What financial costs are you feeling because of this inaction?
How does this affect you emotionally and spiritually?
What impact does this have on your family and friends?

Now look at the benefits of taking action…

What could your Studio look like if you did attract more clients?
What would this do for you financially and emotionally?

mall steps are the key here! Small steps, day-by-day will lead you towards your outcome.
And as you start out on this “action process” remember to be kind to yourself.

Your mind, particularly your unconscious mind will stray off the path.

It will want you to stay in the same place, because it feels safe and secure.

So gently, step by step, redirect yourself. By focusing on small action steps you will reach your outcome!

Author's Bio: 

Kylie Saunder works with Pilates and Yoga Studio owners who want to create a profitable business that has fully booked classes. She does this by taking them through a step-by-step process that teaches them how to consistently grow their Studio, whilst creating the lifestyle they want. Visit her website at and download her FREE Book "Discover the 7 secrets to building a successful and thriving Pilates or Yoga Studio" and receive her weekly eNewsletter - Biz Booster.