With a little patience and as much planning, you can save a lot in the shopping cart, one of the main household expenses. Here are some tips to help you find and get the most out of discount coupons.

In the United States, people often take advantage of discount coupons to make purchases. In Spain, this custom was not deeply rooted, but as a result of the crisis, it has gained strength, becoming a saving strategy to make ends meet. The National Telecommunications Observatory estimates that couponing already represents 28.6% of online commerce, an alternative that 11 million Spaniards resort to. Here we present five options to take advantage of your discount coupons in 2020.

1. Plan the purchase
Review the coupons you have and, based on them, plan the purchase of the month. This will ensure that the coupons do not expire. You can take advantage of them to buy those products that do not spoil quickly and that you can store for several weeks in your pantry. If you make a monthly list of the products and foods you need, you will be able to take better advantage of the coupons and offers, saving approximately 30% on the final price.

2. Combine different offers
The savings will be greater if you use different coupons when you go shopping. The trick is to match the coupons offered by the manufacturer with the discounts that the store normally applies to those same products. If it is non-perishable food, you can buy more, which translates into considerable savings.

3. Look for coupons from your favorites brands
Some brands provide coupons through their social media pages or post the best deals of the week. So you can keep up with discounts and go shopping at the right time. You can also sign up to receive the offers directly in your email, although it is convenient that you create an address only for this purpose. It considers that, as a general rule, the official discounts of the brands are usually the most interesting since it reduces the risk that they inflate the previous prices. Right now you can take advantage of Danone discount coupons, as well as Carrefour offers, with discounts of between 20 and 35% on some of its products.

4. Join coupon groups
In recent years, websites that offer coupons have proliferated and, although it is true that all offers are not convenient, with a little intelligence and a little patience you can find very interesting discounts. At Opportunity, for example, you can find different discounts on a wide range of services, although in terms of food and hygiene products one of the most interesting alternatives is Proxima a ti, a P&G initiative where you will find many of their products with coupons for discount.

5. Take advantage of online coupons
On certain dates, such as Christmas, the end of the year and Three Kings Day, many online stores make offers that you can take advantage of through coupons that you get directly on their websites. In many cases, it is simply a matter of meeting certain requirements or simply entering a code.
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