The brain is divided into two very common parts - the conscious and the subconscious sides of the brain. As it currently is, it is quite easy to know what you are thinking about or how well something is influencing you in the conscious mind. As for the subconscious part of our brain, there is little we can do to know what is or what is not influencing us. We constantly bump onto images and hear noises that trigger signals directly in our subconscious, and we do not realize it.

The result is that the images keep reflecting in our brains and influence the kinds of decisions we make every single day of our lives. This is the reason why advertising teams take precise measures as they come up with advertisements, and they have mastered the art of influencing the brain with imagery and certain noises. The influence of subliminal ads is seen all over the world, and many companies are using these methods to lure in new customers by the day.

If you are asked to explain some of the favorite adverts that you see on the TV or hear on the radio, you will be surprised that it would have more to do with the dry jokes, humor, intrigue and irony. The advertisers cunningly use certain techniques to attracting you towards watching the advert more often. The brain, as scientists would put it, has been subjected as a subliminal receptor. This is the reason why you will find yourself responding to certain events and stimuli without really being aware of it.

Advertisers will always insert certain techniques in their product advertisements so that you will react to it after viewing the advertisement. You will find yourself associating with the product to a point of buying it all the time. In some way, people will view it as a form of brainwash, since the person is lured easily into buying a product out of half-baked decisions. When you get a magazine or watch one of your favorite shows on TV you are bound to come across hundreds of these advertisements. To add to this, you will always see these ads on billboards around the city or on your way to and from your workplace.

Most of these advertisements seem to be perfectly normal. When viewed from a far off, the ads reflect the imagery of the product and anything else that the product will be associated with. For example, a soda advert will have the image of a bubbly glass and the flow of the liquid inside it. This looks perfectly normal for any cold beverage advert. However, the expertise of the advert will have them add a small twist hidden in the image that will stimulate our subconscious in one way or another. They will mostly engage our sexual stimuli, since it is one of the best areas to trap the human being with. The influence of subliminal ads is wide spread, and a careful look at some of the adverts will let you in on the secrets that they commonly use.

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