Problem:- Hello users, Here I am to discuss my query and searching the most beneficial query for my solution. So, now I came to my point where I have been using a Windows 7 Version operating system on my PC for a long time. In that PC, I have configured my Hotmail account in the default email client MS Outlook offered by Microsoft correctly. Regularly, I have used MS Outlook to manage my email messages and data items in it for sending and receiving email messages. Now, I am looking to upgrade my operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. After upgrading my operating system to Windows 10, now I want to access my OST file containing email messages and documents in Microsoft Outlook. But, it encounters an error message for accessing my original OST files in new MS Outlook of Windows 10 operating system. I also tried to install a older version of MS Outlook and try to use it again in Windows 7. But the OST file does not allow to open it in MS Outlook.

Now the question arises how can I take my OST file backup or how can I use my OST file again so that it can easily run on any Windows operating system. I have also searched lots of online solutions but I am unable to resolve this error. So, I am looking for the perfect solution by which I can easily use those email messages and crucial important email data saved in OST files in MS Outlook. Please give me suitable solution to fix my issue. I’ll be grateful to you.

Solution: Mostly, many users are in trouble when they catched in this type of horrible situation. It is the most searchable query by users where they are searching for their solution to access their OST file back in MS outlook. And they are also searching for “How to take a backup of OST file” so that OST file can be easily used in another system as well. Here we discuss a simple solution for all the users who are searching for similar type of queries. I hope a solution discussed below will help you to resolve your problem. Let’s discuss the solution.

What is OST file?

An OST file is an offline Outlook data file which is created when Microsoft Exchange account is synchronized with the MS Outlook. When the synchronization of MS Exchange and MS Outlook is taken place, then OST file is created. It helps user to work in a offline mode by keeping a copy of entire mailbox data items including email messages and other important data items in their system in a form of OST file. So that user can easily work on MS Outlook and access all the email data in offline mode too.

How to Open OST File in Microsoft Outlook

There are two methods available in the market for solving this type of query:

  • Manual Method
  • Technical Method

Manual method is too much risky process for users to migrate OST files in PSt format while Technical method offers to use any third party tool to export the entire email data of OST files in PST format instantly by keeping all the informations intact. It is always recommended to use the best third party tool OST to PST converter.

What is the Best Method to Convert OST to PST

If you are looking for taking a backup of of large OST files, then user can easily take a backup of OST file manually and synchronized it with MS Outlook. But, it is tough task for users to get out of this situation. You can easily take a backup copy of OST file from the default location of the Microsoft folder, but the OST file would not be easily opened in another system. There is no direct method is available to convert the large OST files and re-opened it in MS Outlook again. Some of the solutions offered online solutions to convert the OST files in PST format by using manual method. Manual method also offered users to convert their OST files in PST format, but it is too much complex process for users. So be careful while using the manual method and take a backup of original OST file. It is always recommended to use a special utility OST to PST Converter which can easy migrate your OST into PST format. It can easily import all the email data of OST file in Outlook by migrating the OST file in PST format. It allows user to access your OST data items in MS Outlook again without any technical error. I hope this technical solution will work fine for you. It is a Windows supportable utility which can easily installed on any version of Windows including the latest version Windows 10. It can also support to all the versions of MS Outlook. So that user can easily migrate OST to PST format.

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