Photos are much simpler than images. They capture special or everyday events and feelings to remind you again and again when you look at the photo. Just browse through an old photo album and you will immediately be taken back to wonderful holidays. Taking a photo is easy and after that you will enjoy it for years.

Driving License Passport
Taking a passport photo is not just a lucky shot. We're all involved in that oh-so-nice passport photo. Once in a while the time has come again: The driving license that needs to be renewed or a new passport. Such a picture is not really nice. You should not laugh wide, your ears should be visible and also look straight into the camera. Not really the most flattering pose to be in a passport photo because you look very angry and as if you have not slept for a week.

Nowadays people love using smart phones and apps like Instagram makes it easier to click and share your favorite look anytime you want. You can order passport photos online but taking a good passport photo also requires quite some preparation! All you need for some great pictures is your phone's camera. Use the tips below and you will take the most beautiful photos with you in no time iPhone or android phone.

Clean your lens
Wipe all dirt and fingerprints from your lens before getting started with your mobile phone. Without dust on your camera lens, you can of course take much sharper photos. The first step in the right direction.

Tap the screen to focus the image
Your phone's camera usually focuses on the closest object. Sometimes you prefer to focus on a different point. Tap the screen where you want to focus with your finger and the image will adjust automatically.

Do not zoom in with digital zoom
Most phones have digital zoom, but it is better not to zoom in with that. The image is therefore only enlarged instead of actually zooming in on the subject. This makes the photo grainy and that makes a photo much less beautiful. Choose to go closer to the subject yourself instead of zooming in.

Keep your phone straight
Make sure the horizon is always straight on your photo. A crooked photo can sometimes give a nice effect, but only do this with photos where the horizon is not on. Otherwise, the photo will be too restless.

Provide good lighting
Light is very important if you want to take beautiful photos. In the dark it is almost impossible to take beautiful photos with a mobile phone and you can also forget beautiful photos during gray winter days. So make use of sunny, light days. If the sun has just risen in the morning or just before sunset, you can take the most beautiful photos. When taking photos indoors it is important to take photos with the light in your back. That gives the best effect. In the open air it can sometimes also be nice to take photos while looking at the sun. Just experiment with that.

Get to know the functions of your camera
Some phones have special functions with their camera. For example, with some phones you can adjust the white balance of the camera. Explore all the functions of your camera by searching for information online, reading the manual or just try something. If you know all functions through and through, it is much easier to achieve good results.

Turn the flash off
If you want to take a nice picture you better turn off the flash of your camera. Pictures in the dark don't get that bright, even when you use the flash. Prefer to take pictures in a bright daytime environment without a flash.

Use a photo editing app
Experiment with different apps to edit your photos. Free apps like VSCO cam, Instagram and After light are perfect to play with. Try out different effects and make your photos more beautiful than they already were.

Keep your phone steady
It seems so simple, but many photos are ruined because they are moved. Try to keep your phone as still as possible when taking a photo. Hold your phone with two hands and keep your arms close to your body. This way you can hold the phone stably.

Practice, practice, practice
The most important tip is of course to keep practicing. That is simply the way to get good at something. Take pictures during your walks and bike rides, capture everything in the house, take pictures of your relatives and friends and so on.

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Misty Jhones