Cancer is the growth of cells in an uncontrolled way. Formation of tumours is often a precedent of cancer even though tumours can be both benign or malignant in nature. The malignant tumours have the capability to spread around to other cells (to other body parts also). Depending upon the source of tumours, cancer is characterized into primary and secondary. Chemotherapy is provided to stop the spread of cancerous cells. With the scientific advancements, the target medications have also been developed which are focused to particular malignancy areas in the body, it increases the efficiency of the treatment. Basically, chemotherapy is provided to disable cell division (as on account of cytotoxic medications). In another strategy, chemotherapy is focused on the malignancy cells' nourishment source or is provided to halt the blood flow and oxygen to a developing tumour(s).

The main problem with chemotherapy is that it can manifest extremely unfavourable impacts on the patient. In many cases, the support of family and friends is crucial for the patient to recover normally. As per the severity of the condition, the schedule and lifestyle of the patient have to be managed. The cognitive situation of the patient of cancer is often ignored because the physical pain is extreme but as per the reports from a trusted source, almost 75 per cent of patients who are treated with chemotherapy have showcased mental health problems pertaining to memory, attention and thinking abilities. The severity of these cognitive and mental health problems have been reported to extend for months post completion of chemotherapy. The support from well-wishers of the patient can help to deal with depression and mood swings and enhance the patient’s ability to think.

Another common side effect of chemotherapy is nausea and vomiting which has been observed by almost 70 per cent of patients who underwent chemotherapy. The family should take care of the fact that the dietary intake of food and beverages by the patient involves ginger supplements to boost the effect of anti-emetic drugs. The diet of the patient should also be enriched with iron such as dark green leafy vegetables and meat because chemotherapy can result in a low red blood cell count which causes anaemia. To counter the manifestations of anaemia, namely shortness of breath, fatigue and heart palpitations, an iron-enriched diet for the patient is a must, various nuts and dry fruits such as apricots have a high content of iron.

Not just low red blood cells but also the count of white blood cell is decreased which increases the risk of infections. The patient becomes vulnerable to infections because the immune system is weakened because of chemotherapy. The maintenance of personal hygiene is the ultimate requirement to help. The belongings of the patient and his/ her surroundings should be kept clean. Both the patient and his/ her carers should keep the personal level of hygiene high and precautions to be followed to avoid any risk. Special measures should be undertaken because thrombocytopenia can also be acquired by the patient, when the count of platelet decreases, bleeding may occur.

Alopecia is a possible side effect of chemotherapy which can affect any part of the body, the hair may turn out to be thin or they may begin to drop out. The impact of hair loss is not as such in the physical wellbeing but the patient can suffer from self-esteem issues. The skin and nail may likewise suffer damage. In these situations, proper guidance and moral support is the right key to aptly deal with the patient. Hearing disability is a severe impact of chemotherapy. Even though it rarely affects people but the condition can be permanent in nature which is a matter of concern. In any case, the carers of the patient have to make the patient believe that his/her battle with cancer is a victory in itself, bringing up the confidence of the patient is the correct way to help him/ her recover properly and fast.

The treatment of cancer through chemotherapy can have possible risks of complications and side effects. As per the advice of cancer specialist in India , it is important to make the patient aware with the proceedings of the cancer treatment through chemotherapy because the lifestyle modifications post-surgery during rehabilitation are to be majorly managed by the patient himself or herself. In such cases, acknowledgement of the process of chemotherapy and its likewise complications will help the patient to make his or her mind to deal with them in any case. The prescribed course of treatment has to be strictly followed up by the patient. The support of family and friends during the course of treatment and rehabilitation is to be provided with full aid because the condition of the patient is severe in such medical conditions and boost from the family and friends is helpful for recovery.

Cancer is a life-threatening medical condition; its early diagnosis is helpful in relieving the patient from the manifestations and pain of cancer. The severity of cancer can be determined from the fact that the treatments available for cancer have serious side effects on the patient. In addition to that, the chances of recurrence of cancer can never be completely removed. The very cause of cancer can greatly vary and contingent upon the type of cancer, the stage of cancer, the extent of its impact, and the general condition of the patient, the suitable treatment plan is made. For the treatment of cancer to be effective, the best cancer hospitals in India evaluate the patient with a thorough diagnosis program so that all the possibilities of a failed treatment can be reduced. Different treatment plans like radiation therapy, surgeries and chemotherapy are provided for the treatment of cancer. Out of these, especially during and after chemotherapy, the patient has to be kept in strict supervision under the expertise of the best heads of cancer treatment.

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