Unique hairstyle and bold hair colors are trending these days. Straightening, curling, and perming techniques have become very popular in order to attain a different yet attractive outlook. Grooming your looks through effective means enhances your personality and make you stand unique in a gathering. Getting a whole new hair look is not enough, proper maintenance is also necessary for your hair health.

Over-processing makes your mane dry, dull and damaged. Although you do enjoy your new look yet the fear of hair damage bothers you. It is said that taking good care of your hair prevents you from the problems like split ends, dry scalp, and hair fall. The first thing you can do is analyzing and upgrading your hair care routine. Let’s have a look at the tips that you can follow in order to increase the beauty and improve the health of your chemically treated hair:

• Use a Mild Shampoo

Your hair is already weak due to treatments like rebounding and permanent hair coloring. It is essential to avoid the use of products with harsh components. It is advised to use mild shampoo for hair washing purpose. Using a mild shampoo like Toppik Shampoo is effective in the proper cleansing of your fragile hair. It not only prevent your locks from damage but also give your hair an instant boost. As it is free from parabens and silicones so, it yields the best results without extracting natural shine of your locks.

• Keep your Scalp Clean

Chemical components in hair colors and other treatments affect your scalp health to an extent. You may have observed that your hair start to look very dull and dry after a certain duration of hair dyeing. It happens due to the reduction in the hydration level of your scalp. Make sure to exfoliate your scalp in order to remove excess sebum, impurities, and dead skin cells. Keeping your scalp healthy is something very beneficial for your hair growth life cycle.

• The Conditioner Is a Must

Shampooing set the opening of the cuticle layer free and make it prone to fill with dust and impurities. The best way to avoid this problem is conditioning. Toppik Conditioner nourishes your locks and makes it appear shiny, soft, and glossy.

• Avoid the Sun

The sun is the greatest source of UV radiations which can be very harmful to your locks. The Ultraviolet radiations extract the natural moisture in the hair and fade away your hair color. It is best to cover your head with a hat while going under the sun.

• Use Specialized Products

You must use a suitable product for your colored hair. These products endure the health and beauty of your mane without being harsh on it. Using cheap and ineffective products lead to problems like split ends and hair damage. All you need to do is upgrade your hair care routine with these efficient products. For those who have grey roots don’t have to go to saloon every time, you can conceal your grey hair with Toppik Root Touch Up in order to avoid further damage.

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