There is a multitude of childcare options available to mothers and it can often be overwhelming and confusing to choose the most appropriate service especially for the first time working moms. However, here is a list of different childcare providers to help you use in determining the care that will best suit your child.


The mother usually employs a nanny on a live-in or live-out basis. Her primary duties are restricted to childcare, but she can undertake domestic duties related to the care of the child. Some nannies may or may not have formal training but it is best to choose one that has some experience. A nanny’s work schedule ranges from 40-60 hours per week.

Nanny sharing

Nanny sharing typically involves a nanny being hired by two or more families to undertake the same task of taking care of the children. This is especially ideal for mothers who don’t have enough money to cover the expenses of hiring a nanny; you can split the costs with another family.

Mother’s help

A mother’s help has very little or no experience in childcare. However, her career aspirations are skewered in the childcare field and this is one way of gaining experience while still undertaking a course in formal childcare training. A mother’s help will assist the mother in childcare duties and other domestic chores. However, a mother’s supervision is paramount as the mother’s help carries out her duties.

Pre-school/ kindergarten

Pre-school is an educational program offered to kid in the years before they commence school. Children in pre-school are usually between the ages of 3 and 5 and usually take place in a variety of settings including, in an actual school, or in a daycare center. Pre-school hours usually run between 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Family daycare

Family daycare consists of experienced caretakers and educators who take care of other people’s children in their own homes. This type of childcare is best for kids who have not started school. However, it can also provide care for school going children as old as 12 years old. Care accorded is very flexible and suited to the mother’s needs including overnight care given outside normal working hours.

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Helga is a young practicing psychologist and mother of 2 children (Monica and Charles)