Combination skin is a type of skin that is neither dry nor oily but is the mixture of both. You are having a combination skin if you observe oily and dry parts on the face at the same time. Mostly nose, chin, and forehead are greasy whereas cheeks, lips and under eye area seem very dry and dull. Having such skin can be problematic in extreme cold and hot weather.

Combination skin occurs as a result of heredity and hormonal imbalance. However, reasons may vary from person to person. It is not about having a different texture on different parts of the skin, combination skin can cause enlarged pores, blackheads, red patches, dull and rough complexion. Therefore, it is important to consider the special skin care regimen. Let’s have a look at the combination skin care routine:

• Say “NO” to Soaps

Using soap for sensitive skin is insane as it dries out your skin. Applying soap to the parts that are already dry can worsen the situation. For washing and cleaning purpose use the natural cleanser like honey as it is suitable for all skin type.

• Daily Moisture Therapy

30% of the problem is solved when you develop a habit of daily moisturizing your skin. Applying Glow Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme on your dry areas of help locking natural moisture in your pores.

• Exfoliation is a Must

Dead skin cells are the main cause of the uneven and rough texture of the skin. It is important to deeply exfoliate your skin by using a mild scrub. Exfoliation reduces the presences of black and whiteheads. It opens your skin pores to ensure sufficient oxygen absorption by your skin.

• Wise Product Selection

The importance of using the right products can’t be denied. People who have combination hair should avoid pore-clogging products and harsh cleansers. Products with fragrance cause dryness which makes dry parts of skin even drier. Makeup Products Dubai are safe to use on all skin type. However, it is suggested to use products depending on the varying conditions of your skin.

• Using Toner and Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen before outside saves your skin from getting dull and damages due to ultraviolet rays. Using Kerastase Dubai products help to shrink your open pores and removes excess tresses of moisture from your skin. Using a toner after moisturizing yields the best results.


Exercise improves your metabolism and increases blood circulation. It helps to deliver the equal amount of essential nutrients in your skin.

• Relaxing Techniques

People who have anxiety disorders are prone to have premature skin aging. Practicing relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation keep you away from stress which automatically improves the quality of your skin.
Following the aforementioned tips help to get rid of the damages caused by combination skin. Eliminating all risk factors makes your skin beautiful and young than ever.

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