You can spend all your savings on buying or making hair masks, however, it will still look bad if your scalp is not in good condition.

Dryness, excess oil and dirt affect it severely and results in dandruff, hair loss, dryness, fragility, greasiness, etc. That is why it is vitally important to learn how to take care of the health of your scalp. A scalp detox is like doing a deep cleanse. It helps to remove toxins and gunk from the scalp.

Bases for a healthy scalp

1. Cleanliness is the main thing.

Although you may not realize it, washing the scalp properly will prevent dirt and impurities from accumulating that clog the pores and prevent the hair follicles from being nourished. This "suffocates" the skin and hair, making it more brittle and weak.

Likewise, it does not mean that you have to wash your head every day, it is always good to find the balance. Experts say once every three days is the right time, because it allows the scalp to dry completely and to produce natural oils on its own.

When you wash your hair, do so by massaging and using a shampoo according to your skin type. Avoid products that dry out or are irritating. The best are those made from oatmeal, avocado, wheat germ, honey.

2. Massage your scalp

The massages are undoubtedly very beautiful but at the same time, very effective so that your scalp looks healthy. You should do them with your fingertips, never scratch hard with your nails.

This will promote the circulation of blood and oxygen, as well as make the skin generate essential nutrients and eliminate those substances that adhere to the hair at the root. The massage has to be circular, pressing with the fingertips and giving small turns.

If you have a bowed head, the benefits will be better.

3. Use masks

In relation to the masks, it is good to know that they are excellent for nourishing your hair but also the scalp. You should never miss a beauty routine. Apply it once a week and if possible, make them natural.

For example, the one that is formed by mixing honey and natural yoghurt. It allows to revitalize, regenerate tissues and is antiseptic. You can apply liberally to the scalp and comb gently to distribute throughout the hair.

Replace honey with aloe vera pulp if you have very dry hair, this will also hydrate your skin. Don't forget to nurture periodically.

4. Eat a healthy diet

Something that not all women take into account when worrying about the health of their hair is diet. If you eat well, your scalp (like skin in general) will look beautiful. When you lack nutrients that will be noticed immediately in the body.

Add seaweed, fish, fresh vegetable juices (such as celery, carrots, and alfalfa), almonds, walnuts, oils, vegetable milks, and fruits to your daily meal plan. Leave aside the fried foods, sauces, spices and flours.

5. Reduce sun exposure

Excessive sun exposure can also damage your scalp. Is that like the skin of the face or arms, it can burn and cause the hair to dry out and break. For example, people who are bald or have little hair are recommended to apply sun protection factor.

6. Avoid chemical hair products

The beauty products we use can be very harmful even if you think they give you good results. Hair dye, straighteners, or perms are the worst because they have so many chemicals.

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