You will find rugby balls for trainees that are made up of different qualities. However, when it comes to choosing one from them you must vouch for the best, with the best stitches, the best aerodynamic shape, and the one that is made up of the best leather to give the ball a lightweight and a uniform behaviour for the trainees to deal with. 

Now amongst various balls that are available in the market, the Ross Faulkner balls are the best of the lot with a number of excellent features. They are sturdy and will behave in an excellent way even if they are wet. They last for long! That's why you hardly need to do much to maintain them. Still, it's not that you do not have to do anything. You must take care of them and the extent of care you take shows your passion for the game and your mental attachment with the ball. 

The prelude…

No matter how hard the ball might be, taking proper care will extend its life for sure. Proper cleaning and adequate drying of the One Touch training AFL Balls will ensure that the grips of the ball stay in the best conditions for a long time. It is also extremely important to store your rugby training balls in appropriate places when you are not using them. 

Cleaning your AFL training ball

After the training sessions your One Touch rugby ball from Ross Faulkner will need a good clean. As rugby is trained at, played in every weather condition, including in rain, they are likely to get extremely muddy and messy after the training sessions. Therefore, to lengthen the life of your ball, it is imperative to clean the ball thoroughly. 

Here are a few steps of cleaning your rugby ball….

  • After the training session, the ball needs to be thoroughly wiped with a wet or damp cloth.
  • It is better to wipe the ball with a little bit of detergent or soap
  • After applying the soap/detergent, wipe the ball once again with a wet or damp cloth
  • Now once the wiping is done with, pat the ball with a clean, dry towel and then leave it in a warm and dry and properly ventilated space. 
  • While storing, store the ball in the bag that is designed to store rugby balls. Generally, these bags come with well-ventilated side panels. 

Storing your Rugby training ball

Like every rugby training ball, the One Touch Ross Faulkner football is also made up of various layers of materials including high-quality leather. They come up in various styles and types of grips. Thus, when it comes to storing the rugby training balls, you have to take into account the temperature that the ball will be exposed to, in the storage. If it's hard, cold winter or hot summer, then storing them in the garage, or at the garden shed will not be a very fruitful option. You need to choose a well ventilated area that does not get direct sunlight. 

Before heading for the training session, it is essential to check the air pressure. The better quality balls like the Ross Faulkner One Touch balls are designed to release air very slowly, though you need to inflate them at regular intervals. 

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