Along with health, you need to take care of your skin more in the late 30’s and early 40s. Because it is that period when your body starts demanding extra attention. Aging is a fact of life. We neither can stop it nor prevent it. But we can make it slow by valuing ourselves over everything. Baby skin is beyond the promise if you ask, but you can look 10 years younger if you have a healthy skincare routine.

Secret tips to take care of your skin in 40s
take care of your skin
To achieve your desired skin goal, take care of your skin in the following ways.

Increase collagen and elastin production
The natural production of elastin and collagen slow down in the 40’s. It is one of the reasons that your skin will lose elasticity and plumpness. Therefore, it becomes a need to boost collagen and elastin. Using thick hydrating cremes will be beneficial. It will prevent the skin from going dry. Due to which, fine lines and wrinkles appear at a certain age. But use the creme with your dermatologist prescription. Otherwise, it can cause irreversible damage since the skin of the face is already very sensitive.

Exfoliate is a must
Keep your skin radiant and glow by regularly removing dead cells. When they are not removed, dead skin cells can dull the skin and process aging rapidly. You need to exfoliate more frequently in your 40s than you used to do before.

Never forget sunscreen
Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by wearing sunscreen whenever you are out. Sunblock is the number one element in thetake care of your skinroutine. Your skin is the most vulnerable part of the body against the scorching beams of the sun.

Drink lots of water
Drinking plenty of water does keep you not only hydrated but also internally moisturizes the skin. And it is the most inexpensive yet easiest way to get clear, soft skin. A tip of advice; always keep a water bottle with you and challenge yourself to refill it repeatedly.

Sleep deep
You might have heard, “when nothing goes right, go to bed.” Sleeping really heals the body inside and out. There is nothing more precious in this world than a deep sleep and soft skin. It is like killing two birds with one stone when you start taking at least 8 hours of sleep for better skin.

Pay attention to your neck
You pay attention to every facial feature equally? Cool. But don’t neglect the neck; address it too. Whatever effort you make for your face, give a little portion of it to your neck too. Because it can also get fine lines and wrinkles.

Use night face serums
If you are not already using night moisturizer and face serums, start doing now. These cosmetic products are specially produced to give an anti-aging effect and heal the skin. But do not choose a product for you, consult a good dermatologist and let him decide the best for you.

Consider laser treatment
Women all around the world are now considering laser treatment. And even dermatologists suggest having facial laser treatment. It works to minimize wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars, and also tighten skin cells.

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