As we know that about the diabetes is a serious disease, but is gravity? And point of thinking is we have most important aspects of life today, with a huge level risk of developing diabetes. I would like to guide you some of the tips and if you do it than we could save our life as much possible and the acute complications of diabetes is a really serious problem.

Hyperglycemia, hyperosmolar state

Often referred to as HNS, the symptoms are similar to DFA, but in a completely different source. Results HNS excess glucose in the blood. When blood sugar is high, water flows in the blood cells. Glucose is removed from urine. As a result, the body becomes extremely dry. It remains to dangerous levels. Emergency medical services should be again. Otherwise, the organization is still dry and closed.


Rarely, but still at risk of hypoglycemia when blood sugar levels are extremely low. In the case of diabetes, this may be due to the fact that when enough insulin or cannot have the time right. The patient became nervous, sweaty and starts to panic. The mind can be a little "changes are completely lost. Coma and seizures can focus on the body and brain damage and death. Hypoglycemia should be addressed immediately. Mild symptoms can be treated with snacks and sweet drinks. If someone is unconscious, but glucose or glucagon can be injected into the body. They increase blood sugar levels. Intravenous dextrose is the most common treatment in the hospital.
Diabetic ketoacidosis
This complication called diabetic acute is usually always a medical emergency. When insulin levels are low, your body burns fat for energy. This leads to the formation of ketenes. This is normal and natural, it happens regularly. However, if this process is sustained over a long period of ketenes in the blood lowers the phi here is a DFA. If you develop diabetic acute is usually very dry and hard, deep breath, as if exhausted. Severe abdominal pain is nothing unusual. While people are aware enough to slow a person and as a result of lethargy may develop later in a coma. Then the person is suffering from hypotension, shock or even death. Urine tests can be done to determine the levels of ketene bodies. If treated promptly, a full recovery is likely. However, if treatment is delayed or incomplete, the probability of death increases significantly.

As you can see the acute complications of diabetes is something you want to avoid at all costs. These questions must be serious and doctors. Although full recovery is likely that in any case, if the treatment is done immediately, simply not worth the risk.

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